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RW3 (upgrade)what a bloody rip off!

yeh get the technology before anybody else but guess what theres no new blades to go with the pods!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not due in this country till next month!!!!!!!!!!

why then bring something out thats of little use to us?

I think its been designed with the RW4 in mind and when thats ready guess what all the blades will be available

one pissed off key cutter :evil:

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I had about 15 blades & pods last week, but I havn't upgraded yet, I only had the texas type.

Bit of a pig that though, who told you they hadn't got them hibs. :?


Are you getting much call for them?


I've done 2 this week (texas type) £50 each.


Customers seem to be excepting the price a bit more now :oops:

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Davenports arent expecting them till end of sept.

NWK the same.

We are kept going with them as we have the AD100 but the fords are a pain so were looking for an easier option.

ford blades and pods ok but its the rest!

Tooooooooooo cheap @ £50

we are £75 on the new stuff.

old stuff is £55 +vat

fixed code is £25

We charge for offering COMPLETE service

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this isnt that bad,.,.

we are doing loads of ford blue and red chips - so i think still worthwhile

get them in now and more people will know u can do em and advertising your key biz

i'm taking phone numbers for the blades i cant get, as customers dont want to pay the excessive prices of dealers,.

i charge £50 for one! and doing loads

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So will you take back my rw3 and upgrade and replace with rw4?

It was all the guff about how this was the next step in the chain.......it isnt as described..... trading standards would have a field day!

I think also of the cost of upgrading computer to do the job :x

not a happy chappy.

I wonder how many were sold on Sunday on the premise that blades were available "soon" I, WE have been waiting since July for them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Silca have done us all over Ill bet the blades are available when the RW4 hits the streets.

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jo, just checked - and they will upgrade your rw3 -

and only charge the difference.,.,

but you will have same unit you have, only advantage would be you dont have to program thru pc


is this any good to you?

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Yeah but I see it through :lol: :lol:

No point in slagging off your suppliers, then abandoning the Topic :? when they respond. :roll: :roll:


It's like me saying you did a crap job of my shoes, and then not responding to your reply. It would be unfair on you. Tainting your reputation, without the courtesy to reply to your response.


Now shut up k4mrc :lol: :lol: I know what your tryin to do :roll: :roll:


Regards uk900

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this matter is ongoing

Indeed Andy from DB has replied very quickly and has offered to Upgrade/replace RW3. :)

The point I was trying to make was this machine had been distributed by Silca on the basis of ME the user WANTING to stay up with technology would buy.

I DID BUY on this premise.

But was let down on the blanks not being available. :x

Didnt miss out on any jobs as we can programme with AD100 but its all about making life easier

you for one UK i thought would appreciate this point.

So I wasnt slagging suppliers off merely SLAGGING SILCA off :wink:

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I was merely making the point that, Davenports replied quickly, and there was no response.. I for one was interested in the outcome, thats what the forum is for, to watch and learn,

I didn't intend to have a go at you :oops: personally.

I know davenports would have put you on the right track if indeed you had brought the machine off them.

Anyway I'm glad you got it sorted :wink:


Kind regards uk900â„¢157_cool_cobbler_5.jpg

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