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Tutorial, Replacing zips with foam lining.

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Having seen a lot of bodged zip repairs lately, IE just cutting out the teeth and stitching the new zip directly onto the inside of the boot.

This looks absolutely terrible in my opinion.

You can charge good money for this simple job if you carry out the work correctly.

It may take a little longer, but it looks good & the customers will know they have had a proper job done.


Remember customers are usually willing to leave this kind of work for a few days, so you can do it whilst your quieter or in between other jobs.




Just take time to carfully pick all the stitches out with a good sharp knife.





When you have removed the zip, Make sure all the broken stitches are removed from the boot. Leaving it neat and tidy.





The next part will make stitching in the new zip easy, Choose the right size zip, make sure when the top of the zip is in place, the metal stopper at the base of the zip sits in the exact position, If it's an awkward size this metal stopper can be moved with a little patience.




Using 5mm double sided tape, Tape both sides of the zip, Thats 4 sides, bending over the ends neatly at the top of the zip.

stick the tape as near to the outer edge of the zip as possible, this gives minimum conntact with your stitching needle.





Now peel off one strip of the tape and stick on the Zip guard liner.




Then put more tape on top of the zip liner.




now stick the zip to the inside of the boot, starting at the top of the boot, working your way down. Leave the tape on the reverse of the zip with it,s protective cover on for now. Leaving the boots foam lining free.





When you are totally happy with the position of the zip.

remove the protective cover from one side of the reverse of the zip, and carfully stick the foam lining in it's exact original position, then do the same to the other side.

Doing it one side at a time makes the job easier, as you only have one sticky surface to deal with at a time.





Then stitch the zip in as you would normally, trying to use the original holes.




The lining will be perfectly stitched back in place, Leaving a top quality look to your work.





I use a little Zip spray on the needle of my machine to stop any adhesive getting onto your needle.





Hope this encourages the Zip monsters to have a go at the job properly :wink: :shock: :D


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Thanks for spending so much time and sharing you expertise Planet. Nice job though I stopped using Tape due to the needle getting clogged, keeping it lubricated does work though.


One tip that i used to do was to pull the lining just past the stitching mark then stitch and cutt off the excess, this means that you cut off the old stitching holes leaving new clean lines. Providing of course that you have a machine as good as Planets :D


Nice work son :)

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Providing of course that you have a machine as good as Planets :D


Nice work son :)


Its been a naughty boy of late.... :evil:


:D :D Following in the footsteps of its bleedin owner then Eh... :D :D


On that Lube can there are the words "Alex Reid", did he not work for Minit at one time, the name seems to ring a bell as quasimodo once said!


Nice Quad row of stitching, bet you hand stitched each stitch to make it look like machine stitching, and I bet you got your missus to do it with a Thimble and needle with the promise of a new dress if she didn't miss a hole. :D


Just had a thought..... many Mills closed down.... many machinists out of work........I wonder if they could do these Zips at home if you lent them a Patcher?

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