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lace on a roll

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does anyone here use the lace on a roll that you can cut to size yourself?

is it any good?

does anyone know where we can purchase it as we're trying to think of ways to save precious storage space so it'll be handy for some of the rarer sizes colours and styles.


cheers, rick.

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Keith, what letters are you on about?


And the ends of the laces are called Aglets as pointed out, I knew it was but could not remember that name and probably never will again.

Lace ends are more user friendly words.


Just a thought here from someone who has done the Aglet bit.

It takes a bit of practice to get it right but the downside is the time factor, (where's that tool gone it was here an hour ago)(has anyone seen those metal end bits for the laces)(what do you mean, these are the last two ends).

My thoughts today would be to stock ready made instant sale, instant profit laces with a reduced range of the most common sizes and colours.

Anything out of the norm would be ordered for next day, paid for in advance and inclusive of postage. Then you bring them from home next day. This can work with unusual polishes to!!

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