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Re-Welting Tutorial

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For anyone wishing to attempt a re-welting job, here is a guide on how it's done


How the footwear looked at the start




Old sole & welt removed



You'll notice some extra holes in the upper other than where the original welt was sewn to,

these are from where the soles have been blake stitched at some point



Below are the items needed to perform the job, Welting, Sewing Awl & Waxtwins



Making the first stitch, the thread it taken through the first hole from the inside out, with the knot locked on the inside




The end of the welting was skived with a knife to create a taper of about half inch for this particular job, as the welting started & finished in the waist area of the footwear, & not beneath the heel block

Make the second stitch by stabbing a hole through the welt as shown to corespond with the next hole in the upper



Then pass each thread through this hole in opposite directions & pull tight





Continue like this all the way around to the other side of the footwear




And it should look like this



To finish off skive the welt to end at the last hole & pass the outer thread through this hole to meet the inner thread, tie these two threads together & trim off the surplus



Here's some pix of how the job was completed






A short video can be seen by CLICKING THE LAST PICTURE



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Thats another topic/post thats been given considerable time & thought, for the teaching of others.

Thanks for doing & posting that little tutorial. If it inspires just one repairer to pick up the needles, it has created a turning point for them.

But I'm not sure health and safety won't be knocking at your door, for the miss-use of white socks & nobbily knees :wink:


Well done Terry.



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Great post Tel, nice to see another repairer who's willing to put his time and effort into a job, and putting it up on the forum for all to see.


Really enjoy posts like this, makes the forum worth browsing & a lot more interesting! Have to agree with UK900 tho, why is there so many members on here yet so little post?! :roll: Tel has put time into making a quality thread & it dosen't take long to leave a bit of feedback? :wink:


Nice one tel!!! :smt038 :smt023 :smt033

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Here's a suggestion to put the cat amongst the pigeons....


Speaking as someone who is impressed by the skills demonstrated above, and having never undertaken the job.

How about (perhaps next year) organising as part of the stand at Sandown a hands on seminar in some of these tasks.

That way, those who have the knowledge can pass it on in person to those of us who are yet to acquire such skills?


Your thoughts, Gents....

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Guest brentlee

Well done. Good to see something apart from soles and heels.


Just a point for curiosity. Did you know the funny roll on the end of the awl can be used to loop the thread around and pull it tight as you are going. Tends to save the fingers when pulling waxed thread tight.


Excellent job and full marks on showing the pics. Makes me wish i took pictures of the ostritch skin RM Williams I did last week. Had to put new leather innerboards, welt tape, welts, patch the linings, replace back linings and heel stiffeners. Oh well


Once again congarts on the job and guts to show us how its done



Brett :D :D :D :smt023

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Guest richard

well all i can say is fantastic!!

but a point to make is - isnt that a timpson heel?

have they been to timpson for previous work and then come to your shop for a rewelt?

but to be trueful most of the younger guys dont get any training on how to do things properley, maybe mr t will copy this video and use it as part of his training!

p.s. have you copyright on it?



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Guest blank

thank you tel200 for taking the time, i have just let my 2 staff watch and learn fron it!


lets have a competition on this sort of thing - you won the 1st one!

GOLD medal to you. =P~ :D

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lets have a competition on this sort of thing - you won the 1st one! GOLD medal to you. =P~ :D


Now your'e talking.

Put the money up then and I'll come out of the old folks home for a couple of hours :wink:




I'll gladly take first prize for nowt...no need to put up money :wink:

And I'll chuck in a couple of really good tips that you haven't seen before: :smt112

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Your never that good that you can't learn summat new off someone else,

What makes you think you couldn't learn summat off me???... You don't even know me?

Or maybe you just think your better than everybody...


Don't scoff at other people's willingness to do a tutorial & show a few good tips.



I noticed you didn't give Tel any feedback on his Tutorial......Is it beneath you to credit someone elses work :wink:


Perhap's you really are "Jezzus"... [-o<


PS, I'm surprised you've got time shake your arse at me...... With your head up it most of the time :lol:



Now that is a Tad unfair to say that I scoff at other peoples willingness to do tutorials. I never wrote a word (conspicuous by my absence).

I was wondering how long it would be before someone made a Catty remark about me not commenting on Tels work. Tels not claiming to be the best so his work is what it shows, a method of sewing in welts for those who do not know how to do it. It aint for me to comment as I know how to do it. A few members who do not have the opportunity to be taught have gained a valuable lesson from the exercise and it paves the way for other skills over a multitude of disciplines to follow.


Me, I am learning all the time, never stop. I learn each day how others conduct their business, how they apply themselves to a particularly difficult job in order to help others. I learn of those who can talk a good job and those who have expertise in fields I know little of.


Me, I dont need to prove anthing, Ive already done it time and time again.The trade wont put any money up for prizes any more, ask yourself why. I certainly would not put money up for a body of people whose only purpose is to critisize and castigate others because they cant be bothered, or havent got time, or come up with some other lame excuse as to why they dont enter. It takes many many years of practice and defeat after defeat until you are able to beat all others at their own game. I am fortunate in knowing many of those who have triumphed over all odds to lift titles that many can only dream of, from the South of England, to the Midlands and North, from Scotland and Ireland. It's the same faces though year after year after year. A couple have given up by virtue of the fact that they have sold their businesses, a couple have retired but the stalworts are still there and will be for quite a few years yet, sitting in the background just waiting for the chance to blossom.



I can only please one person each day.

Today is not your day.

Tomorrow dont look too good either :lol:

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Jobs a good un Terry

tutorial came in handy today when I had to explain why I had charged the amount I did for reparing some guys Barkers, when he was shown the tutorial he laffed and said we must be mad for still repairing shoes that way he thought it was all done by machine was only too pleased to coff up the dosh :lol:

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Oh c'mon guy's, when's this sniping going to stop?




This Forum has been a revelation since it's inception. Lets not let it deteriorate into a General Spouting Forum for what seems to me to be very childish antics, 'I'm better than you' 'no your not, mines better than yours' nonsense.


You are all businessman and should be well above this. Lets keep our personal opinions to ourselves and give credit where it's due :D


Well done Tel :D



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