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Ladies boots taken in

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The easiest way, but not nessisarly the best method, as the closing seam at the rear of the boot leg will be pulled askew of its vertical line


If the boots are zipped, the zips can be unpicked to half there length, then a slim wedge of the upper leather can be cut from each side equaling the total reduction & tapering down the leg to nothing, e.g a 1" reduction equals 1/2" from each side, then adhere the zip to its new position and re-stitch, trim the waste lining back close to the seam for a neat job.

A charge of around £30 per pair sounds about right for doing it this way

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If I do the job the way you say tel, I take the zip out completely, and cut the V right the way down it looks better and the zip operates better. But different styles means you can't always do it that way. :D

I.E. no zips, elastics by the side of the zip. Were theres a will theres a way. and £30 quid in the till :lol:

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I also use the method of zip removal and cutting a V where possible... I have also unpicked the internal seam which runs down the back of the boot and V'd from there aswell.. As for charging...I charge on a time + materials basis.. Obviously we're only talking a dab of glue and a bit of thread here. But I charge £25 per hour for the time.. I won't consider any kind of job like this for a fixed price.

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Yes it will decentralise the seams at the back a little, but there ain't much you can do about it. Unless the boots can be done another way??

Difficult to say without seeing them though. Good luck with them. :wink:


Yes thats what I thought, once did a pair by opening the back seam and tucking it in, that left it puckered and I was not happy with the finished job. :evil:

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