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Guest mr. mender

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There is nothing wrong with what you are doing Mr Mender, I'm sure that we all need help in obtaining information relating to associated products within th industry and yes I was aware of your early involvment, Washington DC rang the bells.

Providing links to other sites is a very useful tool and is used by all on this forum but we do it in a more subtle way and we dont get paid for it, it is pure recommendation of a site that could prove useful to a particularmember or members seeking an answer to a problem.


Maybe we are just not into the brash in your face, take over your computer advertising that you guys have come to accept, but if the members of this forum like what they see then they will say so.

I on the other hand will probably never calm down after the onslaught that followed the visit by clicking.


For those who are searching for information on products, there is an international site. www.shoereparer.info *edited by the administration* hehe that covers all aspects of the trade both for Manufacturers and Repairers, without the pop-ups.

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hugh be do be you Naughty boy, the link you have put up is now re-directed to a http://softdeep.com/ it also put up a scripting error in my browser & this is a direct sell shoe sales site, probably owned by mr mender :lol:





O' I enjoyed that! :wink:



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Sincere apologies to everyone, this link was originally a genuine one that I used time and time again years ago and has now changed.

Unfortunately it was posted at 7am when I had just woken up, I tried to edit the post from my present location but could not get access to the site until 1.30pm. I have the new site in my favoutites folder but that is at home so I can not put this info out until late this evening.


As a matter of interest and due to the fact that I did not carry with me the address of the forum I tried google using various formats of the name including everything to do with shoe repairs covering .net & .com but could not get google to come up with the goods hence why the bad link was still there.

I do hope that it has already been deleted as I now have to leave.

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Here are the sites folks (genuine ones this time)



both are world wide with components sourced from just about everywhere. (not saying you can get them though).


Another twist to this mornings gaff, whilst traversing Google to find the site I entered my Hugh-Candoit name to see if it would pick it up and that is where I made contact from!!!!!

So beware all those who post under their own name on forums, Google has you archived for the world and the smammers to latch on to.

I found an early posting on a forum from a couple of years ago where I was asking a question regarding Pre-Heaters for 4x4 and put one of my e-mail address's on for replies. Now I know where all the spam keeps coming from and that mailbox was deleted an hour ago.


Quite strange that it picked up Hugh-Candoit but not the words that I was entering for the site.

I'll have to watch what I'm posting now in case my creditors find me :wink:

I am also still getting pop-ups after visiting a members site so it looks like another clean-up operation. (anyone got any domestos) :lol:

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