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thank you standard

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on Friday i turned on my 3 phase converter and it went bang also a smell you get with a electric problem first thoughts shit what do i do now pile of shoes to do and no machine to do them on went to see my local sparky who phoned around but no one came up with a answer so went back to my shop when going back to my shop who was standing there but Ken from standard after telling him my problem he said they had a machine i could buy single phase with a 3 phase scouring wheel with a inductor in the machine so no need for 3 phase converter so off we went to kettering to have a look in Kens car did the deal, machine was delivered today this morning sparky wired in to main plug up and running after putting counter back in this afternoon so thank you to all at standard from Ken who took us Keith who help to make it happen so quick and the guys who delivered it they even put the shop door back on and waited for the sparkey to do his bit so they were happy it was running o.k. thanks again Dave & Lesley :D :D

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