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American Express

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you guys wont believe this!

:evil: :evil: :evil:

credit card teminals - we all take em, do well on em,

a year ago i changed bank account, advised barclays merchant - job done!

3 weeks ago had a letter from American Express merchant saying they couldn't credit my account, didn't realise they had different numbers.

they also were charging £25 administrative cahrges, the credit was £39-77 - so i immediatly telephoned them to advise new numbers.

problem started


they in there wisdom wanted my old bank acc number. i had to telephone my accounts dept in Munich Germany, got it tried to advise them again


problem -

after all the security questions - gave the new account details - they wanted the 16 numbers of the original transaction!

to which i was very poolite and in disbelief and disgust told them to american express it up there cards!!

i have now had to telephone barclays merchant services who cant beleive A,.Exp stance and how they can rip me off for the £25 - let alone asking me to tell them the 16 digit no off the original transaction!


crap service by American Express! :x

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I too originally took Amex, but the transactions cost so much I didn't take them unless I really really have too. Things might be different recently but have a look at their charges, but more importantly how much you are charged for the terminal phone call. far to expensive!



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