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Users of Silca RW3 please take note when reading the I.D. of 4D Crypto Transponders


A strange thing happened after leaving the MLA Expo in Telford

I travelled up from Worcester in my Mitsubishi L200 to a colleague in Bromsgrove, where I left the truck & continued there in his vehicle

While I was at the exhibtion I was discussing with Silca Ltd about 4D transponders with an ID to suit the L200, & used their RW3 on show to read the chip in my key which it did, nothing strange there then.

But after returning back at Bromsgrove & jumping in my truck to head home, it would not start, it just cranks over & brings on the MIL (Malfunction Indicator Light), after guessing its not a vehicle problem, I have my spare keys brought up to me from home, horray they both start my truck & the MIL has extinguished.

I've read the chip in that key many times with my RW2+TEX Code with no problem. So what has the Silca RW3 done to the transponder it read?, & will I be able to program it back on to the vehicle with my AD100?


I will be discussing this issue with Silca tomorrow & will post their response



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Called Silca UK Ltd today & spoke with Lee Young

Discussed the problem I have had with my key & he was most interested, Silca will reinbuse me the cost of replacing the OEM key of which I can program myself & will send them the key with corrupted transponder for them to investigate, they maybe able to set it to its original ID to program back to vehicle, we will see


The RW3 unit at the MLA show was not a standard unit, but one running Beta software in conjunction with PC software to do with the cloning of Texas Crypto 4D Transponders

So anyone using RW3 shouldn't have any issues



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