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just a thought following the Key Prices topic

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Erm, dunno. I've only just started cutting keys and that's what everyone does as regards price difference. Interesting point. I did spend a lot of time cutting a mortice recently which had two side cuts on each side as well as the front so it was a lot of fannying about.

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However to cut one you have to invest in the other, no good offering half service. Plus you had to have the bottle to start your own business in the first place, pay for all your overheads and earn a living. 5 seconds or 5 minutes the customer still doesn’t know the difference between the keys, all they are interested in is getting a spare key cut. Lets start charging a tenner a key….


In fact I will start a campaign why not have National tenner a key day second one twice the price! 1st April 2006.


Lee :wink:

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Using a "mini" for a Porch!!!!


I have a Mahogony one with leaded glass but only 1 door, changing to a mini would give me an extra door, might just think about changing.

Where does the postman stick your letters as the mini dont have a letterbox? Do you have one of those post boxes that the americans have at the end of the drive but pop-riveted to the mini?

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Well, you must have forgotten to tick that little square box that says "No Bl--dy Mail".

Just wait until he passes you over to the 3rd parties and companies you may be interested in.


Just realised that this thread is going way off couse, perhaps we should delete all the irrevellant posts not mentioning about a key topic!

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Carpets are old hat, may we interest you in our new line of solid wood (well the 1st 2mm is) lay it yourself flooring. Guarnteed to wake the neighbors when your keys drop on the floor (burglar deterant).

Our latest model allows quick movement from one side of the room to the other,(you slide on your bum cos you cant stand up). No worry about finding the dirt, you will be able to spot the dust as it settles.

Problem with a burst pipe sir? no worry just pull up the floor and lay a new one.

Now why would you want a carpet with flea holding pile, just right for dogs and cats!

Our salesperson will be in your area offering our special showhouse rates for 1 day only. (you dont mind a few dozen viewers with dirty shoes do you?).

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