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borrowed from another forum dont know if it helps.


Hi All,

Today I had a customer with Honda 2004y. with immo (there is transponder crypto 48 in key head). Will be possible in future to make a little one honda motorcycle with immo?

Would you like to write a few words Greg - please . It may be interesting for us... Why not... Let's try...

I am writting about motorcycle key because this isn't first question from my customers....


Gregs reply,

Motorcycles, yes many are now with Transponder.


The vehicles we cover are developed as follows, we use the dealer diagnostic equipment to program NEW keys and watch how it does it and then emulate this on AD100


The problem with bikes are that there is no dealer equipment to copy, as they replace the ECU in total. So if we have no way of copying the equipment then we will NEVER be able to offer bike programming.


someone else,

on honda (hiss) systemyou just need a special cable for £84 and one original programmed (46) programmed key there is no diagnostics on this. if you do not have a programmed key then you need to replace the ecu. cost about £800 plus keys plus fitting and coding. with a virgin ecu then it is like toyota . first key on / off. then 2nd key on/off. job done. must have 2 original honda keys.



someone else,

What is it about new Yamaha R1 with texas transponder inside with 4D ID ?

ECU that is fitted is Mitsubishi.


As you can see its a mine field and guys who know what they are talking about dont know much about motorbikes.

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Wow, did not expect those replies in such detail, thanks guys.

It has made my mind up for me on a future venture, as ascap29 says, "there aint many being done in the shops", yet there are many thousands of bikes, why do they not use your services, is there a reason other than they are mainly transponders?

Wont code readers get over this problem?

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I know one or too of you are from the Biker brigade (much prefer a car you normally get a second chance when you go beyond the limit!) And I believe its simply a question of ALL bikers are enthusiasts so take far more care of there 'hobbie' this goes along with paper work AND keys! its similar with classic cars & enthusiast cars, rarely do these vehicles came minus spare keys!



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