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Passport Photos

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We take passport pics.

We use digital portrait camera from polaroid costs about£1k but you get enough pics with that to recoup your money.

You also get backdrop and point of sale material.

We charge £5 a go. Film costs are equivellant to key blanks.

£10 for american visas.

PM me for tel nos. if you are interested

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Back drop is 34" wide and rolls back up like a roller blind it hangs on a wall over some house signs i have.

I sit a chair down next to it and my chair is approx. 1 metre away no room needed at all.

We can do 20 a day

20 an hour it just depends

we do them for everything


driving licences

id cards

gun licences

you name it everybody needs a picture nowadays for something

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We recently brought a kodak digital camera with printer dock. when we print out pictures (on kodak photo paper) it allows a choice of multiple images on one print (passport sized)

As more and more people go digital could this spell the end for this service..... thoughts?



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