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  1. I wonder if it was an old term for "A Cobblers or Shoemakers Assistant/Helper"? like a "Stable Hand" is in the Equine world?
  2. I'd have told them to come back in 20 minutes and made them a pair out of 2 bin liners a staple gun and a lenght of string, then demand to know what's wrong with their face!!
  3. The sort of question that would be enough to drive anyone round the bend! (Everone should carry a spare steering wheel though....you know, just in case! )
  4. A nice watch/read for a few minutes over an afternoon cup of tea. https://www.royalmint.com/our-coins/events/the-great-engravers/
  5. Thanks Keith! "Brave New World" Hope you are keeping well.
  6. Hello from Cambridgeshire! I work with Matt Blackman (who is Ex Mastergrave). Can't wait for all businesses to hopefully get back to some kind of normality over the coming few months . Looking forward to learning from the different forums on here.
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