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  1. Thank you everyone! I returned the boots for a full refund - phew! Will now try and seek out some goodyear welted ones as a replacement.
  2. I bought a pair of £170 leather riding boots in October - (https://www.gaborshoes.co.uk/womens-c1/boots-c3/knee-high-boots-c101/gabor-karma-m-womens-long-boots-p36897) thought they had a stitched sole that would last a long time and could be replaced. After two months, the sole has started to come away from the leather upper and I am now wondering if they are a glued sole? Any idea what kind of sole this is? Do stitched soles also get glued? They definitely have stitching around the edge of the sole upper... Can soles like this even be replaced? If so, is it worth it? Or will it just come unstuck again? I will be returning them to the store to see if I can get a refund as two month's wear from a £170 boot is unacceptable. Currently dismaying at how impossible it seems to be to find good quality ladies boots. My plan was to splurge on a god quality pair,and then have them resoled as and when required. Any help much appreciated.
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