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  1. Well I'll certainly take on board what you said. You have more experience and only a fool would disregard something based on how they were taught. I'll give it a bash with doing it across the whole way next time I get a similar block to build. I'm keen to see the results.
  2. Kobblers, I see where you're coming from but on a black plastic heel like that it's best to keep as much original heel as possible. By the time you get the build on the other side you may aswell do a whole layer of build up with 2 toppeices.. For 20 quid that's not half bad. (although I agree about the glue.)
  3. No so, I actually started with timpson. But I'd like to think that there's always plenty more to learn
  4. How did you get on mate? BTW hi to all. Not a new cobbler but new to this forum.
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