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  1. Anyone come across these ? And where blanks can be obtained ? Many thanks
  2. Any idea who can supply parts ? We have our trusty Compact 125 that has served us brilliantly.......just spoke to U-Marq who can for now.....but the girl on the phone sadly mentioned this might only be until end of the year ??
  3. Is anyone capable of doing ABS via “W” code ? Customer needs 3 of them ? thanks again Lester
  4. Double bubble this morning ? Any ideas on these two ? many thanks
  5. Anyone seen or come across these ? Where I might be able to source thanks lester
  6. Thanks for your replies everyone , we sourced a couple in the end thanks
  7. Does anyone have one or two of these floating about ? Existing is in two bits & vehicle is needed for some filming ? They need to start it up sks & Aldridge don’t have them please PM me if any by some miracle anyone has ?? thankyou Lester
  8. Who’s capable of doing x15 1pt Glass Tankard , Sandblasted ? With a club logo and some dates on the other side ....each one of them is the same ? Cheers
  9. on our mustang we use the 105' never had one come back
  10. hi all returning member , just found myself busy all the time to keep on this , but always found it useful and good to keep in touch whats going on in our industry cheers lest
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