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    Watch Straps

    Ah got ya, i will do just that tomorrow. Many thanks Graham!
  2. Pulsar

    Watch Straps

    It might just be me but I've tried multiple times to have a look at the stock but can't seem to find a way to view. Been onto the stockist sign in page but as I'm not previously a customer i can't so tried looking for a new member sign up but there doesn't appear to be an option? Any help guys? I've always had my straps from Birchs so using Condor direct would be great.
  3. Pulsar


    Yep, same. This forum is amazing, i joined today and was only thinking about the old dri-ped leather soles last week, unreal co-incidence. I used to repair a lot of these in the 'hole in the road' in Sheffield in the 80s then in Doncaster in the 90s. Haven't encountered the stuff in 20 years now thank goodness.
  4. Thanks guys. I used to work in Wakefield KirkbyBob, was posted there from 89-92, loved the people and the place. Our shop was on the outside of the old indoor market opposite the Golden Fleece pub. Is that still there? '71 Mr Gray!! That's some experience, i have a way to go yet
  5. Hi guys I've been in the shoe repair industry since 1985 so thought it high time i signed up I work in the S25 part of Sheffield and know a few people in and around the shoe repair/key cutting/engraving trade. Be interesting to see how things are here. Regards Paul