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  1. thank you for a reasonable reply, glad to know you're not all dimwitted ass*@les
  2. I can see from searching around that superglue as a primer and bostik 5050 is recommended, I've already peeled the outer soles off so its a bit late for forewarning, if i screw it up ill be glad i gave it a shot anyhow, ill try this and if i can't get hold of the bostik perhaps a more general contact cement. Im a trainee mechanic, nothing to do with cobbling but I'm used to using my hands. Im not trying to cheapskate anything or avoid paying to have them fixed, as said I visited the cobbler with every intention to pay him for resoling them, I assumed when he said that they can't be fixed it would be the same for all cobblers local to me as even I understand that the way they're constructed is a bit unconventional. If anyone has any actual tips instead of unjustified anger and fear of sharing knowledge of a trade it'd be appreciated, if not i'll try it anyway. I googled shoe repair forum, not the angry cobbler forum, if this isn't a place where an honest guy can come to seek a bit of advice, then whats the point? Might as well be called 'cobblers trade secrets'.
  3. I don't understand the aggression, how does asking how to do something make me a cheapskate? As i already said, I'm not a cobbler, so if the cobbler tells me they can't be repaired and he won't do them it makes me a cheapskate for deciding to take it into my own hands and acquire the knowledge to do it myself? Maybe its not a job i can do myself, still doesn't make me a cheapskate for trying.
  4. Why so nasty? Im a cheapskate for wanting to repair my shoes instead of throwing them away?
  5. Hi, im not a cobbler, but i took my Doc's to my nearest cobbler on Monday and he said DM's can't be repaired, however I've seen Docs online with vibram soles fitted so it must be possible. Ive decided to have a crack it at myself, it'll be a nice project and good to know for the future. I've found some vibram soles on eBay for £15 and I've managed to pull the old Doc sole off nicely, leaving just the welt. My question is how do i go about bonding the vibram soles to the doc welts? I understand that the standard units are heat sealed but I'm guessing the vibrams I've seen online are glued/cemented on, anyone have any experience with this? Thank you in advance to anyone that has any knowledge to pass on.