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  1. Just had a customer bring in a shield they had done at Mr T's and they put the wrong year on it. They didn't have spare plates so she came to me. I have not seen these before and can't find them in any of my suppliers. Anyone know where to get these 2 tone shields or if anyone has a couple? Cheers James
  2. JamesST

    Side Shield

    She did, but they couldn't do anything as they didn't have another shield, so ended up with me as so many do! We are all human and make mistakes.......... More concerning is a supplier who doesn't supply spare parts for products they sell.
  3. JamesST

    Side Shield

    Apparently they are from Trendsetting, but they don't stock spares!!!! A good idea ?
  4. JamesST

    Side Shield

    Cheers, will see if they have any
  5. JamesST

    Side Shield

    No, They are all the same two tone mini shields. Here is actual shield
  6. JamesST


    5.95 inc VAT aswell
  7. Hi, Can anyone recommend a hand engraver for trade? Have a few bits to get done and my guy has now retired! Cheers James
  8. JamesST

    Hand Engraver needed

    Midlands, Leamington Spa, Near Warwick
  9. Recently had the pleasure of meeting Marino after being quoted £1400 by Gravograph to fix my machine. One service by him for a fraction of the cost and its working like a dream!
  10. JamesST

    Side shields

    They are from Transworld - http://twtuk.com/
  11. Hi, Can anyone point me in the direction of a good program to convert jpeg/png into engraveable logos. Need to convert them to hpgl or plt files. Cheers
  12. Cheers Rick, i have used that but the quality sometimes isn't that great. Appreciate the quick reply though.
  13. Hi,

    Can i be added to the trade area please. The links to join do not work.



  14. What make are they?
  15. JamesST

    IS200 TX Gravograph For Sale

    @k4mrc i already have the IS200, would you be willing to sell the TX add on separately?