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  1. If you are just starting out then i would go down the second hand route and see how it goes. As for machines you get what you pay for. Gravograph and Trotec cost more but are superb machines and the software is also very good. I have 3 gravograph machines (2 rotary and one laser) and touch wood they have been excellent value for money.
  2. Company called reliable stamping http://www.reliable-stampings.co.uk/ Give them a ring or email what you need
  3. Agree, not a fan either, but cheaper and quicker than plates and everyone wants as cheap as they can get these days. I prefer plates but use them for free engraving on large orders and have had no complaints so far. Also good for doing medal backs/centres. Kwiktapes have a printer and plates. As far as i know they supply most of the main suppliers with their stock. Cheaper to go direct with them if its going to be regular. Feel free to pm if need any more info.
  4. You need to contact either Gravograph or Marino and they will help you
  5. Centreprint http://www.centreprint.org/
  6. can try this for free https://convertio.co/plt-converter/
  7. Should be sorted now, i have loads. Swatkins prices are ridiculous though...
  8. I have some in stock if you need some, drop me a PM
  9. Pretty sure they are standard items with Glenway and Armstrong Products. 99% sure i'll have some in stock myself. will check tomorrow. send me a pm to remind me!
  10. Armstrong products if buying in bulk.
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