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  1. You should be able to convert them yourself using the gravostyle software you have, although not sure on all the versions but most have that ability. If not try https://convertio.co/plt-converter/ to convert images to plt files and import them
  2. Agree totally. He saved me twice in the xmas rush when my laser went down. Replaced motor that went only for the new one to then go within 24 hours as it was faulty (apparently never happened before). Gravograph were out of stock so he sourced from another customer who had a spare whilst on his travels. All this was out of hours. I'm lucky he lives very close to me!
  3. Not sure that's what they were asking as talked about matching to previous years. Although that is cheap, if you have the right equipment it's a few seconds work for bog standard plates.
  4. Depends on type of engraving but between £7 and £11 generally
  5. @dougMarino is the answer...... he knows all there is to know about Gravograph and has got my machines running when i've been told they can't be repaired... PM if you want his details or search the site. He's based in the midlands but travels nationwide
  6. Good to hear that. Have also spoken to Trophy Distributors who have also stated they will not be going down that path and are committed to wholesale only. And they contacted me to let me know with a phone call. Looks like the other wholesalers will do well out of this.
  7. Its appalling. They have been retail for a while but without admitting it until now when the word spread.
  8. Cheers @beware for the help. All was fine after changing the file name.
  9. Hi all, Looking for some help/explanation with Gravograph LS100ex 'APF CYCLE ERROR' that randomly appeared after a job and will now not engrave anything and impossible to find out what it means or how to fix it. Assume it's something to do with Automatic Plate Feeder but i don't have one, wasn't using one at the time and the function is turned off on the machine. Any help greatly recieved!
  10. Will be pricey with swatkins....... other options are available, PM me for contacts
  11. Halfords enamel paint, having tried several was recommended by another engraver and has been great
  12. Still struggling? its pretty simple once set up. Maybe get Marino to come and show you the ropes or I can help to an extent. Drop me a pm
  13. Look at their glass awards suitable for colour printing and they can put rainbows on them for you
  14. It's swings and roundabouts with suppliers. If you spend enough you get a better service. Have to say TD and Goodwill have been superb from day 1 and all issues addressed asap. Only downside is that i know TD have laid off staff due to the situation we are in. Some slight problems with Glenway but they are usually quite good. They are under going some big changes and one new guy has already left. Only argument would be that they don't offer the free delivery a week like the others and did away with the free van delivery. And on the flipside to others I've been forced online to keep going and h
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