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  1. Centreprint http://www.centreprint.org/
  2. can try this for free https://convertio.co/plt-converter/
  3. Should be sorted now, i have loads. Swatkins prices are ridiculous though...
  4. I have some in stock if you need some, drop me a PM
  5. Pretty sure they are standard items with Glenway and Armstrong Products. 99% sure i'll have some in stock myself. will check tomorrow. send me a pm to remind me!
  6. Armstrong products if buying in bulk.
  7. My quickbooks does all the VAT as you go along so you can see what is coming up to pay. Then when its ready just click a button to submit to hmrc.....very easy to do.
  8. Swatkins have them aswell. I have plenty in stock
  9. I use quickbooks and once you get going on it then its very simple and quick to use. Does all the hard work very easily.
  10. Hi Paul, Swatkins have these in their catalogue.
  11. She did, but they couldn't do anything as they didn't have another shield, so ended up with me as so many do! We are all human and make mistakes.......... More concerning is a supplier who doesn't supply spare parts for products they sell.
  12. Apparently they are from Trendsetting, but they don't stock spares!!!! A good idea ?
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