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  1. It's swings and roundabouts. Buy top quality and if you have a good service team they should last a lifetime. Gravograph make quality machines and we are lucky enough in the UK to have good quality technicians that know how to to fix them. It's more about the support base available for your country,
  2. Both of the above do them! So take your pick!
  3. Seems a bit steep, especially if didn't travel too far. Plus if it took 2 hours to determine that it needed a bit of lubrication then maybe they need to re-check their credentials. But as you said, lesson learnt, we've all been there.
  4. The sides should come off fairly easily. Not done it but i know you could do it. Give Marino a ring and he can help you out.
  5. Reliable stamping for the mayoral chain bars and glassscribe do coloured pad printing on glass
  6. Pantograph services http://www.pantograph.co.uk/pdfs/accesories.pdf
  7. That sucks, some people are too impatient.
  8. Can you not order the component parts and put one together yourself?
  9. Or if that fails try reliable stampings
  10. Also depends on what software / machinery set-up you have. With the right tools its just a spreadsheet so they can send you names and it's hardly anymore work. As a rule I charge £2 for engraving a one off trophy bought from me unless they are associated with one of the clubs i do work in which case it's free. It's all down to exactly how much more work is needed. I would say that tell them its an extra 50p/£1 per plate for individual items due to the fact you have to change the set up each time.
  11. Ok, mine field alert...... C02 will engrave steel with a black mark using and additive Fibre will engrave steel direct Basically you get what you pay for. Top end are top end for a reason, and the same with cheap chinese lasers. You can get good results on both, but there are more factors such as speed, quality, after sales service etc,,
  12. You should be able to convert them yourself using the gravostyle software you have, although not sure on all the versions but most have that ability. If not try https://convertio.co/plt-converter/ to convert images to plt files and import them
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