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  1. Oh okay thanks, and what if didn't find blue dye is it okay if i turned it into black ? and what should i avoid after ? protection + never use water or any sorte of liquide that's it ? and thank's for your fast reply
  2. Hi everyone, So i wear this shoe for 6 months and i'm used to clean it from dust using a wet brush Now it's totally faded, when i searched in the internet i found that's not good to use water on fabric shoes, so it's clearly the result of my bad habit, i had also washed it all using just water and nothing changes. I took a picture of my shoe so you can see how it does looks like, and i hope if there's a solution, they told me to try to re-dye it but the problem that i can't find the right product and color, the only available color is black, so please if you have a solution please tell me what to do, i love this pairs of shoes ! Thanks.