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  1. Genuinely perplexed by Glenway’s response which was not really a response at all since it didn’t address one major concern put forward by posters in this forum, which I’m assuming by the majority of responses will be reflective of the industry at large. I’m not sure describing these issues as ’gripes’ is going to apply balm to a festering wound and with regards to the question “When have Glenway ever done anything detrimental to the trophy trade?”, I can almost hear a chorus from the back shouting “The moment you came up with this idea Tim!”. It’s fairly obvious why everyone is sabre rattling as this move is being perceived as an aggressive glove across the face to everyone involved in the industry from the small engraver up to the large retail boys across to the trade suppliers and from the sound of it, I don’t think anyone is falling for the line that’s it’s good for Glenway’s customers and the money on the website was spent on their behalf. To recap on what has been said, here are just some of the major issues: · Glenway has now has stated that they will openly canvass in the same retail spaces that are the bread and butter of their own customers thus openly competing with them. · I have not heard any talk about NDA agreements which stops Glenway from using any data passed over to them for whatever purpose they see fit in the present or future. · Why would anyone want to drive their customers online where the competition is stronger? · Glenway staff will be directly dealing with the end-user, how can that possibly be in the best long-term interest of their customers? · Glenway will be using Social Media to communicate directly to the end-user, again crossing a huge boundary. · Will Glenway be using Google Adwords to advertise next door to their trade customers? What a way to thank your ‘loyal’ customers. · Putting the website address on the catalogue would be deemed as cynical as it’s encouraging buyers to go to the site whether the retailer wants them to or not, why do it? Hope this is not seen as an attempt to stir anything up, just an attempt to get answers. The welcome statement from Trend hardly seems like a ‘jealous’ company that wished they thought of the idea in the first place, quite the opposite I think, something I’m sure will be welcomed by their customers and the wider industry. I’m not sure either the politics or the structure of the trophy trade is something that can or should be compared with the Amazon model as they are clearly not looking to compete with loyal customers who have put them where they are. Can’t help but think that Glenway have fundamentally got this wrong from every conceivable angle but got a sneaky feeling they think they have all the answers and hope the trade will just roll over and let them get away with it, we’ll see. Over to you Tim…
  2. Hi Guys Interesting thoughts, here’s more to consider: · Glenway have no interest in lining our pockets, they only want to have the customer data (and sale) which they will own and control for the long term. Once you lose that customer, you will never get them back. · They are already taking orders from existing trade customers, what makes us think that this strategy is all about making sure that we get a commission? Over the past year or two, they have not been going back to their customers to tell them that they are now servicing the order and offering any kind of commission. There's no way of knowing what inquiries they will be having and where they've come from or whether they have serviced the order themselves - that's what happens when one organisation looks to control the whole retail/trade landscape. · They’ll be using digital marketing and social media to persuade end-users to go online - in a year or two, our existing or potential walk-in customers will be their customers, that’s the obvious aim and there will be nothing we can do about it. · What if all the other trade guys follow suit? There will be nowhere for us to buy at trade level. The other trade guys are already up in arms about the move as it’s a direct threat to them. If I believe what I’m being told, this could end up being a huge mistake on their part but the damage to the retailer will be done. · The bigger guys spend a lot of money with people like Glenway, if they are openly willing to take them on in the online battle as a seemingly valued and loyal customer, what makes us think that we play any part in their future plans? There’s already talk of many of the medium-bigger guys already jumping ship to other suppliers. Remember, Glenway doesn't like having 1000's of small accounts which end up owing them money for up to 90 days+, they would rather deal direct to get a better mark-up and be paid when the order is placed, don't think for one moment that this strategy is designed to grow our businesses in any way. · Take the point about free engraving but we’ve got to realise that the big boys spend a lot of money with people like Glenway and get much better deals which means they can offer bigger discounts, it’s economies of scale I guess, there’s no such thing as ‘free’ engraving, we all know that. · Try contacting Glenway to vent your concerns, good luck with that one, any sign of dissent and senior staff have suddenly become 'unavailable'. · The Trophex show is going to be fun! I really hope this is not a case of the turkeys voting for Christmas, let’s face it, this move is to further the aims of Glenway not the small retailer or the trophy and engraving industry at large,
  3. Do I understand that the UK’s largest trade supplier of trophies is openly saying that they will control, market and fulfill a website that will be ‘One of the UK’s top-ranked online retail suppliers of Trophies & Awards’? And with their own staff end-user customer facing? What??? Glenway will own all the data/contacts and be free to use them whenever they want to and they’re openly saying that they will be using Google and Social Media to market it which means they will communicate directly with end-users – hope there’s some stringent NDA’s in place to cover the legalities. Online retailers will have the ‘Welovetrophies.com’ retail site competing next to their own as they have obviously budgeted to get it to the top of the rankings, are they going to use Adwords? Scary. They’re even using social media to say that they have/will be using some sort of current affairs TV programme as part of the launch. Why would small shops want to drive customers online where the competition is much stiffer in terms of discounts? Are they now going to start marketing and exhibiting at all kinds of end-user places under the banner of ‘Welovetrophies.com’ and legitimising it as acting on behalf of their customers? Glenway is known to be supplying directly to many organisations so this doesn’t come as a surprise, the bigger guys will have rumbled all this as a blatant attempt to control both the trade and retail market, I hope the trade including us smaller guys stick together and stop supporting them.