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  1. Well I have a tibbe machine and manual laser key machine I've got the zedfull just because it looked like it's a good all round kit without having to buy this kit and that cloner. Will be moving into all the other stuff like lost keys and stuff but all in good time. Was thinking Zed-FULL Cloning Pack This handy pack consists of the following: 1 x TPX4CLONER Zedfull TPX4 Cloner for ID46 1 x ZEDZFH-C01 TPX-4 Cloner cable for Zedfull 1 x TK60 TK60 Phillips Crypto 46 key head 1 x ZEDNET 1 x ZEDZFH-48SNIFFER ID48 Sniffer Key There's is other sniffer keys that they do would these be helpful Thanks for your help
  2. Well we don't do any car keys at the moment but turning them all away, as I don't have the equipment to do it and looking at a lower cost to get me started them move on to maybe zed full afterwards but just don't have the funds to buy all the expensive kit