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  1. ..but neither of those Eurolock blanks are correct for this 2 year old Trimark query.
  2. Have you checked it with calipers? It might be my eyes but the 4 cut looks too deep.
  3. I've made a few van keys recently for Rob Lewis at new-profiles.co.uk who offer a postal service for scissors and clippers. info@new-profiles.co.uk
  4. or JMA OJ-J Strangely the cuts looks like 6J01262 not 6J01263
  5. 1. SRF 2. Yes 3. No 4. Easier to look at the lock 5. What list? 6. You can use UL1 for both
  6. We've had a few more shoes brought in this week...we stopped doing shoe repairs in 2018
  7. No. This money doesn't really exist yet. We're borrowing it from our great grand children.
  8. The Councils get the cash from the gov who get it from the newly discovered Magic Money Orchard
  9. Councils who are normally responsible for collecting commercial rates have received government funding for these grants. Over £50,000,000 to distribute to over 4000 businesses in my area.
  10. This grant isn't via HMRC. I filled in an online form on our Borough Council website on Friday and received an email today saying funds would be transfered on Monday.
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