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  1. David C

    Bks 3 star blanks

    Aldridge have them with plastic tops.
  2. David C

    Hegel cylinder lock

    Doesn't B&Qs 'MyKey' machine do them?
  3. David C

    Key id caravan key

  4. David C

    Parade Boots

    Sounds like Morello if it's peeling. Should come off with meths I believe but you may need to dye black again afterwards.
  5. Did you try 2323-221-1321? Your 3s on the B axis look deeper than the origional. My A9 appears to cut less deep if anything...they've all worked though. All the dimples on your key seem the same size or a little smaller than the origional (as I would expect on A9) except the 3s on the B axis.
  6. David C

    GT2BP Lancia keys

    SKS have GIOB-3.P in stock.
  7. David C

    Silca Futura Card 913

    I use a different machine but I find aluminium blades are not sufficiently conductive for electronic decoding.
  8. David C

    Key ID

    JMA FLT-1
  9. David C

    key id please

    JMA LAS-FH or LAS-3?
  10. David C

    "Q" key blank...

    Looks like a Securistyle Viscount window key.
  11. David C

    Opsial key ID

    Thanks chaps. 6 pin ASEC is close to fitting in my fishy keyway and might do the job with a bit of modification but the 1800 mile round trip to check it rules it out. If we can't find correct blanks I think pluriel.fr is the solution.
  12. David C

    Opsial key ID

    Thanks Graham...I'll try them. It's for a holiday place in the Alps but the English owner can't get keys locally. I'm hoping I'll have to change the locks
  13. Any suggestions? My usual suppliers have drawn a blank.
  14. T.B.H. I would have thought any of the above would do the job but if LF12 etc. don't fit in the keyway perhaps JGH-1D is what you need.