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  1. Measurements in black are 1/1000s of an inch and those in green are degrees and minutes.
  2. Yup. Drivers door lock damaged so they swapped with passenger door. Messes with your brain when you need to pick and decode
  3. Blade not fully inserted into the carriage, some need a good push. I had a Transit a couple of weeks back that would open with any key but only lock with the correct one.
  4. Jakey Lynx calibration - 1) Adjust screw below handle until cutter just misses key blade when cutting a 1 cut Done
  5. SKS show MIT-1D.P in stock if it's any help.
  6. If a conductivity problem was between the key and the 01J/02J adaptor or the adaptor and jaw then the jaw would be detected but not the key. A flat tipped tracer could lead to an inaccurate decode but should still detect the key surface.
  7. Sounds like Morello if it's peeling. Should come off with meths I believe but you may need to dye black again afterwards.
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