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  1. Standard had some valentines specials on there website that might still be available at a decent price message Kieth
  2. Try the original cobblers in Orpington they do trade repairs
  3. Try commercialhardware.co.uk I'm sure they would ship to Ireland if you ask and pay
  4. Unless on rubber I try to go round in one go and as level all round as poss find the wares the best and also the prime as a budget option I don’t do many to be fair
  5. Il just chuck my jumpers out
  6. altberg? You can use the 1202 from colledge although the toe bit is a bit wider as for like for like birch do shoe they stock this sole but it’s never in stock I’ve always just used the 1202 and never any complaints and not to be flash but I’ve done hundreds
  7. It may be a salt stain so maybe try some de salter first on a small area then use your rm Williams polish after
  8. I’d say it will be ok we done a few of these on our mustang
  9. I’m not 100% but fairly sure I have a manual for the is200 if I do I can post it to you to for as long as you need it
  10. If you keep the slim version of the 6 pin universal that will work i think slm6d is the Keyline code we use that I buy from colledge I keep the Genuine as well but find these are handy with some of the Chinese crap we get in like YALO for instance lol other than than as above genuine Is Avantis available at Sks and all the rest at not a bad price
  11. Nice job What equipment do you need to do this sort of work ?
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