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  1. Patsy

    Best key boards

    We are using the new jma black boards but even for how recent they are they don’t have commons on like Carl f for instance I’m gonna have a look at the t colledge new boards see what on them and how they look
  2. Try these 10day turn around
  3. Patsy

    Description please

    We are the same with margins there is no way I’m gonna buy somthing for 80p and sell it for 1.30
  4. Patsy

    Zoo key

    436 JMA works otherwise the genuine blanks are avaliable from sks
  5. Patsy

    Rather large bill

    I’m sure the so called locksmith featured on watchdog/rouge traders for drilling and ripping people off Was based out of Hertfordshire Probably the same man
  6. Patsy

    T5 Cloner

    I’ve dug it out if you send me your address il get it posted out to you first thing in the morning
  7. Patsy

    T5 Cloner

    May have a rw2 with tex code in storage it wouldn’t of been used for a good 5/6 years but if it’s there I’ll post it to you for free will check tomorrow
  8. Patsy

    royal salangor

    If your still looking They did have a unit in beckton just of the a13 it was years ago I went there mind
  9. Pm me your number I know someone in Bermondsey who floats about doing cover work I use him on a regular basis if he's free I'm sure he will do it
  10. Afternoon all have a customer with a 2007 mini needs a spare it comes up on the trs to copy on a tp01 or tp05 chip does that sound right I would have thought it would have been a tpx4 like the later bmw Some of the earlier bmws and land rovers use to come up tp05 and I was told that's because of there rolling code any advice would be great also a suitable blank it's the laser type