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  1. Try and re screw the crown on and the gasket needs to be on the watch back in order for it to close ,you should be able to push it on with your finger tips (slight pressure)
  2. I think I’ve walked past your shop Chris are you in Kendal im due to open 5 doors away from a timpson
  3. Colledge also do that unit if unavailable from birch vibram 1202
  4. Speak with original cobblers Orpington they may be able to point you in the right direction
  5. As above before I buy new has anyone got either knocking around converter has to be min 5.5 hp condition is not important but must be in good working order
  6. We cut two of these a few weeks ago on Is-15 I don’t think it come back I remember explaining to the customer that I wasn’t sure and that if it didn’t work to bring back for me to try and source originals
  7. Contact Paul at Rollins Harlow very helpful when we had trouble with our spare machine
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