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  1. Apply for goggle box
  2. I yet you still commented with confidence well done
  3. I bought this from calypso 55.00 inc vat and delivery 5 ltrs with pump top
  4. As fair as I’m aware birch and colledge are open but with limited staff
  5. Sorry for your loss
  6. Hope you both get better soon
  7. What barstards sorry to here that mate And good luck All in these difficult times I hope we all come out ok and thank you to all that post positive and helpful news. If I were a millionaire I’d send you all a cheque to get you through but easy said.
  8. Just a heads up The Ministry of Defence have been told to be on standby for complete UK lockdown as of Saturday evening at 6pm... No one is to leave their home's unless you work in Front Line Retail or the NHS... I heard this directly from my neighbour Trigger who is best friends with a guy called Boycey. Boycey knows a guy named Del who drinks down the pub with his uncle Albert. Albert was in the Navy during the war so knows his stuff. Please pass it on.
  9. It will look like a badger by the end of the week
  10. I had someone phone up and tell me they wanted a copy of the rates bill to see if I was over paying so I made the inquiry myself
  11. Speak with your rep they should bring one to your shop for a demo
  12. I phoned the council told them I noticed I may be over paying on my rates they sent me a form out I sent it back and over the 9 years I’ve been here I’d overpaid by said amount they refunded it with out even notifying me took about a month it’s also saved me from last year over 500.00 a month
  13. Mustang is a great versatile machine and well worth the small investment I have two and there are really used and if they go wrong or in need of a service you can send it to rollings and have it completely overhauled for about 150 including pick up and delivery and through experience it’s a great express service my opinion anyway
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