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  1. SteelCityShoes

    Staple gun playing up

    Thanks for the tip Peter
  2. SteelCityShoes

    Staple gun playing up

    I’ll stop putting oil in mine then, every so often I turn them upside down and put a little oil down the pin overnight
  3. Can you view it online? Didn’t get the latest copy in the post
  4. Thanks I meant what is he missing
  5. What’s changing your mind?
  6. Two part question; what would you say is the best finisher for a) leather work and b) day to day stuff for an all round shop from PU to Long soles
  7. SteelCityShoes


    Did they stick?
  8. SteelCityShoes

    Best finisher...

    For a group of cobblers I’m suprised no one has an opinion Thanks for the reply Keith. Out of interest, what’s the main difference between the 710 and 720? You have told me before but you know...still no air-flo so my memory is gone
  9. DMs aren’t exactly great. As a point of comparison, I’m currently wearing a pair of Loake’s which are coming up to 16 years old and which retail or around 160 Its a bigger investment initially but worth it in the long run
  10. SteelCityShoes


    396 should work fine on it’s own, if not rub it off and try 5050 but if the upper is plastic the 5050 will melt it so be careful On a side not, isn’t 396 heat activated? If it’s what I’m thinking of you could save yourself a lot of time switching glue
  11. SteelCityShoes


    What glues do you have available?
  12. The only thing you can do is have the whole sole changed
  13. Sure it will get rid of them...because it will cover the entire boot in an oil stain! Just get some cleaner or cream from a brand like Saphir
  14. Without seeing them, I’d guess it’s probably just excess product because it was username too heavily or too close, a leather cleaner or high quality cream should get rid of it
  15. SteelCityShoes


    Any chance you’re from Axcess IT?
  16. SteelCityShoes

    Let’s see your pictures

    It is, I would have thought it was the same kind of thing as what you used on those Samuel windsors
  17. SteelCityShoes

    Let’s see your pictures

    I don’t take many pictures, but here’s a couple of recent long soles
  18. SteelCityShoes

    Nanex from Birch

    Is that offer on the website? Can you add other videos to the player or is it just that one on a loop?
  19. SteelCityShoes


    Most of the ones I’ve seen require a monthly fee Im very interested in an epos system and I don’t mind paying for it if it does everything. In the US they have ones designed specifically for our trade which would be good
  20. My stretcher never had those and I haven’t had an issue, do you actually need them?
  21. SteelCityShoes

    Long term pain in arse customer advise.

    I’ve got a couple of “customers” very similar and I just keep it going for the reason Lee said, it’s not costing me anything and I’m pretty sure it’s their only regular and normal social interaction I’ve even got one guy who comes in every single day, and has done for about 20 years to get a single empty carrier bag, no idea what he does with them all but we get a Christmas card every year from him
  22. SteelCityShoes

    Time taken to complete a card transaction.

    I’ve started doing that but I wouldn’t mind getting on whatever McDonald’s use, by the time it’s finished the beep it has been authorised
  23. SteelCityShoes

    American Express.

    Always taken it with a £50 minimum spend