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  1. SteelCityShoes

    Time taken to complete a card transaction.

    Mine is on broadband and is still slow. I’m looking for something quicker as I got stung for £30 at the weekend, it’s not the first time
  2. SteelCityShoes


    In the last two weeks my favourites are being asked for a carpet and a mattress
  3. SteelCityShoes

    Mark under patent?

    Tell her to wear them in the dark
  4. SteelCityShoes

    Paxton Bullet Fob Copier

    I thought we weren’t allowed to copy these?
  5. I could maybe take the wooden storage off your hands depending on the sizes and price but I’m not interested in the rest. PM me if you’re willing to sell them on their own, if not fair enough
  6. How many of those shelving units are there? Are they for sale?
  7. SteelCityShoes


    Of course you need to know the blanks first for that to be of any use? You can do short, even day courses in key cutting and identification if there isn’t anyone around to give you a crash course
  8. SteelCityShoes


    But thanks for the heads up
  9. SteelCityShoes


    Take off the price or put it in the trade section
  10. SteelCityShoes


    Out of curiosity, what got you into key cutting?
  11. It’s hardly on its last legs, it’s just a changed market
  12. Irocinally there was one here and I didn’t go Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t Leeds the best attended show for years? I imagine that’s because it’s in the centre of the country
  13. I wish all these shows were in the middle of the country. As much as I’d like to go to this and the T Colledge one, I don’t fancy spending 8 hours each day travelling
  14. SteelCityShoes

    DM repairs

    Yes but you’re on another level to us mere humans when it comes to glue
  15. SteelCityShoes

    DM repairs

    Bostiks are the best, although I don’t miss the headaches