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  1. SteelCityShoes


    I have been saying for years that the trade shows in this country are done wrong. Apart from when Standard used it to launch a new finisher and we had the speaker from Greece, there hasn’t been any real reason to visit. When I’ve been it has mostly just been stalls with either the same stuff that’s online or products we couldn’t and still can’t order. Use it to launch new products, hold workshops, have competitions on the day, give actual demonstrations. The show should be there for things I can’t get the rest of the year anywhere else
  2. SteelCityShoes


    I’ve seen the website, it just doesn’t appear to have been updated since 2018, that’s when their last issue was put up
  3. SteelCityShoes


    Has anyone else stopped receiving CE or is it just me? Haven’t had the last 2 issues
  4. They are fixable, although you have worn them very far down
  5. SteelCityShoes

    Advice with standard 842

    Peter is right, but you did make me laugh Count
  6. SteelCityShoes

    Key I'd required please

    SKS: KBME 1 Silca: EVO 1 HD: MAB1
  7. SteelCityShoes

    Advice with standard 842

    Experience moving the machine or with cable ties?
  8. SteelCityShoes


    We are leaving for gods sake, both the Conservatives and Labour are committed to it, I’m sick of hearing that. They’re just trying to make sure regular working class people don’t get screwed over by it, as we’re the only ones who will suffer for a bad Brexit. It’s not like leaving a party where you just walk out of the door
  9. SteelCityShoes


    And this is the problem, we held a prominent position in the EU with a veto to use when we saw fit. As a nation we are acting like spoilt children. This entire thing has been an exercise of what not to do. We aren’t even in charge of our own negotiations. It was always going to happen, I know Leavers who votes remain just to avoid a mess like this. The ballot should have said leave or remain then if leave hard or soft Brexit. The problem is no one expected us to leave so clearly there wasn’t enough thought put into the entire thing. I am in favour of another referendum if it’s like the above, votes won’t be diluted as the hard/soft question is secondary. But then at least they can get on with it either way with a proper mandate. I’m past caring at this point, we’ve already lost some of our biggest assets with more set to go if this “deal” goes wrong. At least we’ll all be broke together...except the fat cats, the politicians, the bankers moving their bases, the CEOs going offshore, the international coroporations... at least the regular folk will be broke together
  10. SteelCityShoes


    They had rules to follow before it all started, nothing to do with a “remainer establishment”
  11. UKIP we’re prepared to push a second referendum if the majority was this small, so god knows why they’re complaining now. All the arguments aside and results aside, when it was revealed the Leave campaigns broke the law, the whole thing should have been scrapped and done again
  12. What does that have to do with Europe?
  13. I’ll just go back to finishing this repair on Italian shoes, where I’ve used French polish, German soles, and a Dutch finisher. Might even take a bit more money cutting keys on some Italian blanks. The British Empire is long gone, the world is smaller than it once was. Almost everything you all rely on, on a daily basis is imported. Wake up to it
  14. SteelCityShoes


  15. They look like Casili heels not benchmark, they’re plastic not rubber