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  1. MartyCoggs


    I do too, wholesale/trade and retail. PM for more details.
  2. MartyCoggs

    Best finisher...

    We did exactly the same. Bought a full Power Unit with air filtration for the glue and spray along with a DH86 blake and corner storage unit.....all in bright PINK!! still going strong today 28 years later. Top machines!
  3. Hi Guys Client/friend is looking for a key for this lock. The previous tenant lost it. It's for a wall mounted post box, pic attached) Anyone know the blank or better still can cut one to code? (I'm guessing 159 is relevant for a pre cut) Happy to pay going rate as it's a favour. Cheers in advance. Martin
  4. Hey Guys Hope someone can help? Can anyone here replace or refit a movement. I was changing a battery and the face of the watch popped out and may have bent the stem...I can't get the face back in without removing it and usual watch guy has unfortunately passed away. Happy to Post pics if needed. It's a Michael Kors Ladies watch (no chrono) Fingers crossed someone can help?? Will have regular future work too as I'm looking for a good repair service we can use. Regards Martin
  5. MartyCoggs

    .dst file

    You'll need to spec the size you want by the way.
  6. MartyCoggs

    .dst file

    email it to logos@digitizing.me The guys name is Simon, he's our goto guys for digitising. Costs around £10.
  7. Out of interest what would you charge the customer for doing this?
  8. Don't know why they didn't do this from the start, it's a much better idea and gives the client a visible presence and ability to market the site. I do exactly this (free website and we do the white label fulfillment) with my print & embroidery business...it works well.
  9. Hey Keith I also have a company that does printed and embroidered shirts, you can design/order online or email me etc and we can sort a visual/quote. All produced from my shop. My site is www.pimpmyshirt.co.uk or PM me for more details.
  10. I don't think they've thought this through, or are being economic with the truth. NO ONE will pay full retail price with engraving on top online, so they'll need to discount heavily to get any orders. It's easy to compare prices online and buyers will usually try the top 3 or 4 ads/listings. compare them and then in 90% of the time pick the cheapest. As hibsjo(SCO) said there are people online selling at wholesale with free engraving. Do Glenway really think people will pay full whack or with a pitiful 2% discount when the big online retailers do this??
  11. MartyCoggs

    Hello from Belgium!

    Welcome Toorex, where in Belgium? I was in Brussels last week, looked at a few shops.