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  1. Hi Will What type of cost are you planning to charge the end user for a resole for example (ball park is fine) and will there be enough margin left for the repairer etc etc? I''m guessing you'd need to find a sweet spot for the end user to purchase and everyone in the chain to make a viable profit.
  2. Had mine paid today, I applied for it online last Monday. Phew! I'd suggest checking your local council website most if not all should have the facility up and running now. That's the case in Wales anyway.
  3. Hey Guys Can anyone help with this key. Local Authority came in wanting some of these Lailaw Keys but the original fitter/supplier has gone bust. Can anyone suggest anything or will I need to go direct to Laidlaw?
  4. I use CorelDraw 2019 daily with no issues, I subscribe rather than buy outright (around £20 per month with free update and extras)
  5. Scrap that then, I'll use white Micro instead when the time comes. Or I may get lucky on eBay Thanks for the info.
  6. I was just going to do a post asking 'almost' the same question, I've just bought a pair and was going to ask where I can get the branded soles once they wear out. I know I could use white micro but would obviously prefer the real deal. I don't think Birch or Colledge would stock them.
  7. How are you advertising the site?? AdWords? Social Media?? If you're not on the first page of Google by Organic Listing or there by AdWords forget it. You'll need to spend lots to get any sort of traction from the get go. We have similar Print/embroidery on demand sites and need to spend on a daily basis and you'll need to spend big to keep up with the big players online. Tip, don't spend big money on SEO as it's a bottomless pit of expense, just get a good AdWords set up targeting the exact people and using exact keywords to get started. Be prepared to spend.
  8. I do too, wholesale/trade and retail. PM for more details.
  9. We did exactly the same. Bought a full Power Unit with air filtration for the glue and spray along with a DH86 blake and corner storage unit.....all in bright PINK!! still going strong today 28 years later. Top machines!
  10. Hi Guys Client/friend is looking for a key for this lock. The previous tenant lost it. It's for a wall mounted post box, pic attached) Anyone know the blank or better still can cut one to code? (I'm guessing 159 is relevant for a pre cut) Happy to pay going rate as it's a favour. Cheers in advance. Martin
  11. Hey Guys Hope someone can help? Can anyone here replace or refit a movement. I was changing a battery and the face of the watch popped out and may have bent the stem...I can't get the face back in without removing it and usual watch guy has unfortunately passed away. Happy to Post pics if needed. It's a Michael Kors Ladies watch (no chrono) Fingers crossed someone can help?? Will have regular future work too as I'm looking for a good repair service we can use. Regards Martin
  12. You'll need to spec the size you want by the way.
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