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  1. HarryHeffernan

    Types of machine for cylindrical engraving

    Hey I’m just doing a bit of research at the moment but thank you
  2. Not sure if this should be in here or under machinery but does anyone know of good machines that can do cylindrical items? I’ve only ever used the is200 so I’m curious to what else is available. Thanks
  3. HarryHeffernan

    Engraving into wood

    Yeah sorry we use the gravograph is200 machine and as far as I’m aware the onecut cutters we use only come in three diameters so A being the smallest and C the biggest.
  4. Do you use that diamond just for glass or are you using it on other items too? I keep a sharp one just for glass and nothing else then have separate for hard and soft metals
  5. If it’s put on a certain way try to take it off as a whole and you can use it as a template :)
  6. HarryHeffernan


    Can you post some pictures?
  7. HarryHeffernan

    Description please

    This is normally followed up by “is there a pair in there or just one lace?”
  8. HarryHeffernan

    Engraving into wood

    Cutter depends on the size you’re going with the engraving really. If it’s wooden boxes and you need it fine use an A or B cutter then work your way up depending on the size of the lettering. I always slow the motor down a bit too to stop it chewing up the material
  9. HarryHeffernan

    Lynx power unit

    It was an advert I saw in the for sale section of the cutting edge magazine. I just wanted to know what it was before I decided if I was interested at all. It’s good to know what’s available and what’s not. Thank you
  10. HarryHeffernan

    Lynx power unit

    Ah I see it’s similar to what I was expecting then. Thank you Peter
  11. HarryHeffernan

    Lynx power unit

    I noticed in the new cutting edge magazine there was a “lynx power unit” for sale but was no pictures. On the off change does anyone have a picture of one or do they just look like the standard power unit? Thanks
  12. HarryHeffernan

    Sole stain

    Is the 406 the one that says “bottom stain” on it? I’ve not used that one I used a few different ones. I’ve tried polish too and am never satisfied
  13. Hey guys, does anyone know of a good stain that is similar to the dark one in the picture and maybe something a bit lighter? Tried a few fiebings dyes and not happy with them. Thanks