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  1. Hi graham was told you might be able to help with this key and how to obtain one cheers 


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    2. Dickie


      Cheers my sister will email you Helen Dickinson 

      dickinson shoe services 

    3. grahamparker


      Well the key is cut but no e-mail received  :smt102.

    4. Dickie


      Will get my brother in law to ring you sorry

  2. Anybody help as how to obtain this key ??
  3. Dickie

    Abs key

    Picture above
  4. Can anyone on here cut me one of these keys please from a picture or do I need code card
  5. Looking for a key to fit this any ideas. Please
  6. Dickie

    Key I’d please

    Cheers senior moment caused this lol
  7. Dickie

    Alternative key

    P293 Nissan birch code or p223 lol
  8. Dickie

    Key ID please

    Looks like reverse asec1
  9. That’s what I thought customer says won’t enter lock ,any other suggestions please
  10. Anyone suggest a blank to fit this please
  11. Post him the key to copy on mustang I’d say only way to be sure