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  1. Dickie

    Alternative key

    P293 Nissan birch code or p223 lol
  2. Dickie

    Key ID please

    Looks like reverse asec1
  3. That’s what I thought customer says won’t enter lock ,any other suggestions please
  4. Anyone suggest a blank to fit this please
  5. Post him the key to copy on mustang I’d say only way to be sure
  6. Dickie

    Rock Door key

    BRS2 tried n tested no bother
  7. Dickie

    Broken fake.

    How can u put a value on a knock off watch offer £20 as a good will gesture
  8. Dickie

    avocet attkk

    Class response as always cheers
  9. Dickie

    avocet attkk

    Any one know if there is a silca code for this blank’
  10. Dickie

    Spring Bars

    think I have 1mm if you can wait I’ll check tomorrow m8
  11. Is this video available yet or soon as. I’m interested in this machine
  12. Any one know blank for this please
  13. Anyone know where I can obtain a key for desk number. FM169 on lock photo to follow hopefully