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  1. Pearsons

    Key ID please

    Thank you Graham fast response there, looks good to me.. I'd asked sks about this key they/some1 didn't know.. never mind carry on
  2. Hi guys been asked a few times for this key not sure who supplies.. the bit is wider than your average mortice so Nothing seems suitable Thank you
  3. I also joined the fsb £155 gives you good rates on machines i pay £16 month also save on the merchant account setup Might be useful to someone
  4. Hello if you go on the tps.online.org.uk opt out of the unsolicited mail it might slow the calls down hope this helps Pearsons
  5. Pearsons

    Dr Martin Trimmer?

    Its a whitfield wylie 700 combi craig Thanks for the advice keith And how much would you think posted would be lee?,i might do just 2keep customer happy jst this once Thanks for reply guys appriciated Pearsons
  6. Pearsons


    Hi do you have a pic? Thanks
  7. Pearsons

    Dr Martin Trimmer?

    It was my first pair since i opened 2months ago.really wanted the best finish but never mind Looks like il just explain to customer about it
  8. Pearsons

    Hello there

    tell me about it!! where's this summer
  9. Pearsons

    Dr Martin Trimmer?

    Spoke to nice chap from standard today who informed me that they don't make them anymore and not for the old machine I use:( apparently they were noticed to be slightly dangerous thus becoming obsolete.. no wonder I have'nt seen one,they were disappearing when I was just starting out.....oh well let the next problem commence...love a good problem I do
  10. Hello there,,, any ideas where i can buy a dr martin trimmer?? Ordererd one from birch's not the right one..customer insists on the lines..... any ideas would be muchly appriciated Pearsons
  11. Good morning everyone,, on todays wanted list im after,, a shoe stretcher...single or double... Pantograph letters/fonts Will buy them new soon if none avaiable thankyou.. Pearsons
  12. Pearsons

    Hello there

    Thanks guys im in sunny Bradford
  13. Just sayin,hello people im a cobbler of 10years,finally got a shop of my own in yorkshire 😊 time to enjoy work
  14. Hi mark have you sold your pantograph letters?