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  1. Three spare edge cutters for sale one looks pretty fresh the other is freshly sharpened
  2. northamptonshoemaker

    K and b finishing machine going backwards

    Kind of sorted it I swithcehed 1 and 3 and everything starts correctly now the scourer seems to give minimal chatter ... wondering if this could be since the motors haven't turned since god knows when ... thanks for the help
  3. I got given a machine that has edge trimmer scourrers and brushes I gave it a good inspection and plugged it into my phase converter and it chatters quite loud and the scourer goes backwards. I notice when reading the phase converter manual it had notes Saying ,,,,, if the machine which is to be fed from the converter ,has a contact starter it should be noted that the control circuit should be fed from the two live phases l1 an l3 on the plug .. should the contact chatter or not operate at all, this indicates the control circuit is not fed from lines l1 and l3,,, seems a bit confusing owever the plug is wired l1 black. L2 brown l3 blue ...... since the motor is running backwards I'm guessing switching the hot phases i.e. L1 and l3 would remedy my situation ,,,, ?...
  4. northamptonshoemaker

    2 stand up lasts for sale

    What area are you in please
  5. northamptonshoemaker

    Timpsons stitcher

    I tried my hardest but it seems timpsons are now no longer fixing the machines they have ,, they are going to send stitching to a main centre,,,or so he says ,,, I asked him to Order me one and that's why he couldn't do it
  6. northamptonshoemaker

    Timpsons stitcher

    I meant sorry to Keith but I might as well be sorry to the count and everyone else, much as well put this thread to bed
  7. northamptonshoemaker

    Timpsons stitcher

    I was just kidding around it wasn't aimed at anyone ,,,, no-one wants to answer questions for someone who doesn't know what they want in the first place was my point, when it was suggested in an also sarcastic manner that I should just call and ask!!!!!,offending people who are trying to help me is not my style so if you took it personally then I apologize to you countmuppet for being a muppet,I've already checked some other guides as I said before and the locating pins are in the wrong place, ask far as I know as long as I find a guide that has the locating pins in the correct vacinity then it would be possible to fit a 50 set or any other size needle and guide as long as the awl is correct for the needle, I'm sure that the holes are in the correct place on the machine I saw which was definitely a standard which definitely does not have an identity plate, I don't mean the guide looked similar I mean it looked exact in every sense of the word '''I already know that it wasn't a simple job tryingto find a machine that shares parts , I have been trawling through catalogues and talking guys in factory stores and to proffessional shoe makers for near on a year that live on a stitcher and have done for the best part of 40/50 years I have gathered quite a bit of info on what definitely won't fit but it seems that the count already knows
  8. northamptonshoemaker

    Timpsons stitcher

    I would definitely call and ask ,, not sure what I'm asking for though, I think the convo would go like this ring ring ,,, hello standard engineering here how may I help ,,,,,,uhhh hello I'm looking for a needle guide ,,,,,OK what machine is it for ,,,,,uhhh greuter simplex.....OK what's that then ,,,,ummm an outsoler, goodyear stitcher,,,,I see we only do standard,,,,,,yeah but I see this one in timpsons and it looks the same guide as mine ,,, OK what machine is that,,,dunno a standard one '''''. No-one wants to speak to that guy ,,,,,,,although I am a fan of looking through the door round the back and asking people in the know when I have a part in one hand and cake and biscuits in the other '''''just a case of getting there...does anyone know what time they shut ,,I bet its 4.30 with half day on friday
  9. northamptonshoemaker

    Timpsons stitcher

    Yeah I checked a numberten stitcher looked super similar but locator pin holes were off however the one in timpsons in northamptonlooked exactly the same, is it possible to order just one to try ,,, is there any at standard in Kettering I pretty close I could go over sand maybe show someone??? I have needles already but they are 47 and above
  10. northamptonshoemaker

    Timpsons stitcher

  11. northamptonshoemaker

    Timpsons stitcher

    OK no worries looks a lot like if not the picture of "the standard " machine on standard website got an iron name plate at the top
  12. northamptonshoemaker

    Timpsons stitcher

    I posted a little while ago about needle guide I was trying to replace on my greuter stitcher kindly donated by a fellow member,,,I went into timpsons in Northampton today looked at their stitcher and it seems to have the same guide I need to fit to my one, I only know that it was a standard machine, not sure of the model number ,, can any one hazard a guess at the machine model so I can source some guides ,, I assume they all have the same equipment seems to be how timpsons rolls And i do know they only use standard engineers,,the only other info I have is the needle guide I have has a number 5 on it, all other needle guides I have checked have 47 to 50 on them , any how i better make some shoes sharpish!!!!
  13. Welcome home shop was what I am also looking into.... Having a sign outside a local newsagent on the street helps especially if he will take in jobs for you,,, money talks