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  1. Silca Ref APK7R. Good luck trying to get blanks. Very few of them around. I had a few but all gone now.
  2. You don’t need the snoop for the T80+. Might be server issues like as already been said. But the U snoop with the chip T49c it’s about €90 euro for the snoop and the 3 T49c chips.
  3. The U Snoop is for the Honda ID49 cloning. The U Snoop will also do the D46/48 sniffing too. So if you have the orange U Snoop it will do everything. Put the ID46 and ID48 away as back ups and just use the new U snoop if you have it. I have been using it for few weeks now and had no problems with ID46/48/49.
  4. We Have 2 shops that are 1 man shops and we do a lot of remote car keys. Most of the prep work we do in the shop and in most cases we are only away for the shop for 5 mins. The only car brand that takes longer is Opel they have a 10 min wait on doing the car key by ODB. Our shops are busy shops and we manage it very well. There is a lot of research needed to do the remote Keys. Knowing which key to pick the system it uses and so on. My boss man was like you nervous about closing the shop but it works very well.
  5. Unfortunately not. KeyDiy can’t do those keys. They are the MQB key.if you have a X-Horse machine similar to the KeyDiy that might be able to do it.
  6. We have that machine. It’s a super little machine and the Superchip is great. Would defiantly recommend to buy it.
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