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  1. I could be wrong but a HU133R will do the bike key.
  2. We have that machine. It’s a super little machine and the Superchip is great. Would defiantly recommend to buy it.
  3. Silca ref LF45R. I have done plenty of them keys.
  4. These are our boards. There Silca boards that are about 15 years old. They have had many colours and refreshed many times. We sand off the old paint and re paint them the colour we want. The green backing is a plastic sheet cut to size. The black backing on the key tags is just heavy black paper from an Art and Hobby shop with a sliver pen to put the ref number on it. We made everything in house apart from the backing.
  5. No the blank on the right is the new Yale Patented blank and it won’t work.
  6. One day I will have one of them Triax machines.
  7. Here is our machine decoding a HON66TE. That’s the way we have done all our keys be it laser car key or Dimple keys. 3BF0282E-C594-4973-974D-199E4A47C963.MOV
  8. Hi we have a Futura from when they came out and have not had one single tracer snapped. This might sound stupid but why have you a tracer in the cutter side of the machine. In all the years I have never decoded a key that way. We use the tracer side of the machine. Pull the big red knob down and let that tracer decode it. We have cut thousands of keys on the Futura and had zero tracers break. I can upload a video when I get into work later on decoding a key with the tracer on the right.
  9. BK15 is a 5 pin key where as the other BKS locks is 6 pin keys so the BK15 will not work.
  10. That key is just YA1E nothing special about it. Silky is just a silca key with a color top in the key.
  11. Try Silca ref ASS52R/JMA ref ASHH7.
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