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  1. eimco

    Abus Extra Classe?

    Looks like a CS62 or a AB48 to me.
  2. eimco


    Tradelocks is the company that sell them. I find them excellent to deal with.
  3. eimco


    We use original key blanks on all UAP locks. We find them the best and there is very little in the price of original blanks.
  4. Ha ha ha you need tiny hands for that job been there a few times. Pain in the ass it is.
  5. +1 for the Silca Bravo Professional. Excellent machine and has never let us down.
  6. eimco

    Best key boards

    Ahh no need to be jealous at all, those key bards are about 15 years old and they are Silca boards and the hooks came with them.
  7. eimco

    Best key boards

    Thanks very much. Boss man likes it that way and would go mad if he seen clutter on the tops. The colour is just an LED strip in the green light setting and can change the back board colour and change the lights to match Copy away show us when you have it finished everything on the board was done by us in the shop except for the green backing we bought that in. Thanks very much.
  8. eimco

    Best key boards

    Thanks very much everything was done in house and was very simple to do.
  9. eimco

    Best key boards

    Here is ours these are Silca boards.
  10. We don’t do those Yale on the Futura we do them manually, but one thing have learnt with the futura the customer key has to be clean ie no dirt or crap on the key. Look at the customers key and see all the black dirt and grim that affects the decoding. What we do is with all keys going into the Futura is to use a wire brush to clean the crap from the cuts and it will deccode correctly. Hope it helps
  11. There is a thread already on the Smart Pro here it is. http://shoerepairer.info/topic/23029-the-new-machine-for-those-of-you-who-havent-seen-it-yet/ Any questions just ask I have been using mine for a month now.
  12. Cheers everyone by the looks of it all the genuine blanks are not worth it so back to the Silca jma ones thanks everyone.
  13. I have the Silca Matrix SLX and as far as I am aware I can’t adjust the speed of the machine. I cut them slowly with the Silca cutters but the track side is painful cutting.