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  1. Rob Gray

    Picks wanted

    Ok cool cheers
  2. Rob Gray

    Picks wanted

    Hi Martin I had most but lent out of the years and lost track of them! If you could find out what he has and a costing that would be great! And sorry mods im not a new member just not a big poster on forums! I will always help where possible! Even an on the ALA forum I’m a lower poster! Im more of a pm kind of guy!
  3. Hi guys I’m looking for some safe ventures picks and gj pick for project if anybody has some and is looking to sell on drop me a text on 07827343923 Rob
  4. Hi guys I have decided to sell my spare machine as it's not getting used? It has an edge kit as well as standard jaw? It has cut 1948 keys, not a great deal and is on one of the latest software updates. Price is 4500. Ono. As it is a spare I don't need to sell so no silly offers guys?
  5. Rob Gray

    Avdi wanted

    Hi guys if you know of anyone selling a genuine avdi let me know cheers
  6. Looking for a genuine avdi if anyone has one that is looking to sell let me know what it has on it? Thanks guys