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  1. Profile Hardware Ltd

    Abus key id

    Hi Rick, don't sell blanks, just cut straight from code.
  2. Profile Hardware Ltd

    Abus key id

    It's a differ key from one of our Master Key suites.
  3. Profile Hardware Ltd

    FAB ... any idea

    Not one of ours I'm afraid. I may have a blank or cut key in that profile you could run over though...
  4. Hi all, we have been making Master Keyed systems for many years. All our suite references are alpha-numeric, so if you ever get asked, please get in touch. We have been using mostly ABUS-Pfaffenhain and FAB as per these threads... http://shoerepairer.info/topic/13947-fab-key-id/ http://shoerepairer.info/topic/19726-abus-key-id-needed/?hl=profile&do=findComment&comment=257339 I promise to log in more often!
  5. Profile Hardware Ltd

    Abus key ID needed

    Here I am, late again... I've only recently joined so apologies. This is now bookmarked so I'll try to pop in more often.
  6. Profile Hardware Ltd

    Abus key ID needed

    Bit late to the party, but we can supply those blanks if need be.
  7. Profile Hardware Ltd

    Fab key ID

    We're a bit late to the party on this one, but that key is part of one our Master Key suites. FAB keys with an alpha-numeric reference we can cut from code. www.profilehardware.co.uk