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  1. Can find plenty keith dont worry but no one will do that service.
  2. Can u send me a contact please. Im in Ireland and cant seem to find anyone in here that does them.
  3. Hi guys. Anyone u know that supplies customer tickets, the double ones, that can print tge shops name on it ? Thanks.
  4. I made a few long ones. Not perfect but if u file the down a bit the thread works perfect
  5. Anyone selling an Easy Entry pink box key cutting machine ? Or where would be best to get one ? Thanks.
  6. File the sides and cut the top off. Than drill a hole on th bit sticking out. Easy.
  7. Just got in touch with them. Waiting for a price list this evening. How much roughly do u buy a good one with a presentation box ? And is there good profit margin ? Thanks.
  8. Hi guys. Havent been active in here for a few years now. I see some old members in here. Good to be back. My shop has changed too over the years.
  9. Hi. Whos your go to guy for good quality wholesale leather wallets ? Thanks.
  10. Picked up a 133k8. Any body has any imstructions book for it or knows how to set it up. Im having problem with the bobbin assembly. Its cutting the top thread.
  11. I cant post pics from my phone. Dont know why. Anyways. Got another 29k for spare parts. Has the wheel i need. Thanks.
  12. Habe a 29k53 side wheel operated. Do i need just the gear to make it front wheel operated or do a need a wheel attached to the gear all together. Have a 58 with front wheel but dont want to chance and undo it. Thanks in advance.
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