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  1. Adamdale

    Henderson Merlin Lock

    Have you tried 008??
  2. Adamdale

    New Thule codes

    As your feeling kind please could you pm me the Thule 2001-250 codes pretty please I’ve been watching this thread religiously:-)
  3. Hi, Does anyone have any ideas what blank to use for these keys? InstaCode says LF31R or LF6R but neither profile is right, or works the lock. Thanks
  4. Adamdale

    Locinox key blank??

    Little update wms1 & ul052 both worked fine
  5. Afternoon does anyone know a supplier of geniune blanks or a blank that would suit that doesn’t need shortening
  6. Afternoon im desperate to copy the key pictured below believe the blank is a Silca ncr12, but none of the wholesalers have them or can order them. If anyone has a few they would sell me I’d be overjoyed. many thanks adam macclesfield lock & safe 01625 616711
  7. The easiest option would be to contact Ronis Dom direct ‭0121 569 7790‬ they will either tell you where the key came from or how to go about getting it cut, think it maybe part of a master key system.
  8. Afternoon folks does anyone recognise which blank would suit the caravan key pictured below
  9. Does anyone know where to get original quest blanks from if not what are people cutting them on many thanks adam
  10. Do you still have a Unocode still available??

    cheers adam

    07917 583058


    1. k4mrc


      Hi Adam

      yes, sorry had quite a bit going on.

      will phone you by Friday 5pm

      out all day tomorrow 


  11. I’m after a Silca 299 or 399 Unocode if anyone has one they are thinking of selling many thanks adam macclesfield lock & safe 07917 583058
  12. Adamdale

    ISI key ID

    Cheers guy thanks
  13. Good afternoon folks has anyone any idea which blank would suit the key pictured below looks a bit Assa ish to me
  14. Adamdale

    Key blank for camlock

    Thank you very much for your advice Silca emk1 boom!!!!!!!!! Job done
  15. Does anyone recognize which blank would suit this camlock pictured below?