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  1. abababa


    Very passionate post Rick When i started 4/5 years ago, I had never heard of Somsr or Cutting edge. I have no first hand experience with them apart from reading this thread and having a look at their website. Are you suggesting we start our own hybrid version of Somsr / Cutting edge, run by shoe repairers? I can do web design, mailing lists etc etc.
  2. I would go over it about 4 or 5 times in this period. So maybe 4 - 5 seconds per trace. That's the way i was taught but it's probably not right. How many times would you run it through the cutter? Would you do back and forth or just one direction?
  3. Gone through this again, going slowly on the machine... now the 7th cut of a cut is working as good as the first... and no random jags. Guess that's the thing with working on your own, you can get into bad habits and not even realise it without having someone to point it out. Thanks for all the replies
  4. I don't think I'm going that fast. The blade is razor sharp so I'm going pretty quick I guess. But maybe 25 seconds per key... I'm not racing through them... I will do a slow one and compare
  5. They seem to be getting gradually worse. Ive sent Pics over to Charles Birch to see if they suggest a new tracer
  6. it's every key as far as i can see. Although ive only been paying close attention recently
  7. I got one in lidl when i went in for a bottle of milk and came out with £200 worth of tools... I'm not sure it's quality. I have trouble with it to be honest... If you grip things from a slightly different angle it changes the reading. Ill get back to figuring it out soon though.
  8. I have calibrated it... It's tickling ever so slightly when i prepare two keys. I'm happy that it's calibrated correctly. I tested keys for 7 to 8 locks and they all work perfectly. But these little jags inbetween cuts are making me think there's a problem with the tracer
  9. Hi all, hadn't had any key returns in ages, then all of a sudden got about 5 last week. Changed the blade on the bravo prof. The old blade was in since xmas. I'm just trying to learn some ways to maximise accuracy. I got up to 7 keys before the keys were sticky in the lock.. So I cut the first key, then made a copy of the key using the cut key, then a copy of the 2nd cut key with another key and so on... is getting to 7 before its sticky good? or should I aim for better... also closely examining the keys, they are developing these little spikes in each cut.(4th photo) What causes this? Cheers
  10. Cheers... That was it. Cut it from the end and it was grand. So used to cutting most these type of keys from the shoulder, I didn't read the screen prompts. Thanks again
  11. 3063 was the first code i tried, 3083 was tried after. Cheers
  12. Hi, Received this lock today without any keys and found what I thought was the right code series on the futura, but it's not turning the cam. Anyone have any ideas or alternative cuts on this one? Thanks... p.s .also tried 3083 to no avail.
  13. abababa


    Thanks. I've none on the boards. Will order a few now
  14. Hi I'm looking for some help identifying a what I assume is a Corbin blank. Cut a cb6 citysafe but it won't go into the lock. Tried all manufacturers variants but silca jma and KL wont go in. Anyone have an idea on this one? Tried a cb19 silca also. None going into the lock. Thanks