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  1. abababa

    Shutter key

    got it. CS17. thanks
  2. Anyone able to ID this key? Thanks
  3. I'm trying to cut to code some keys that will work on these locks. I'm pretty sure YA4 is the correct key. I've cut a couple using the only card I can find on the futura with a number that high. Both keys wont work. Would anyone have any suggestions on alternatives? Thanks
  4. They are not Silca. I've alerted the manufacturer and am waiting to hear back. In the mean time, I was curious if anyone has the same issues and the cause. Looks like less than perfect quality control.
  5. Probably get away with it more on mortice keys than cylinder. I'm chasing my tail brushing these boyos. As soon as you smooth one bit another starts peeling off.
  6. The title is the best description of how these look. Does anyone know the reason a key would do this? In a box of 50, I would get maybe 5 -10 that go like this when giving them a brush at the end of cutting. Ive over brushed this one to show what's happening. Has anyone ever seen this before or know the reason why they are peeling like this?
  7. abababa

    Drawer key

    You're a star Graham, Thank you.
  8. Hi, Wondering if anyone has an idea of which blank to use on this? I've tried silca lf4 and lf11 and they will only enter the lock when grinded down a couple of mil . Any suggestions? Thanks
  9. Hi, anyone have an idea of a key that will work with this window lock? I've been through my window keyboard with no luck. Thanks
  10. Yea, I decided it met the community guidelines and u must have been having a nap
  11. Thanks Graham. Will give them a bell.
  12. Does such a size exist? Have a customer who had to snap one out and he is adamant that's the size he needs. Anyone sell one or can recommend a supplier? Thanks
  13. abababa

    Yale key 6 gauge

    Thanks for the replies. I have the euro ones. They are 5.5 gauge. This lock is 6 gauge.. also the key pattern is slightly different. I'll thin them down on the finisher and modify on the lancer. Thanks for the replies .
  14. Hi. Would anyone be able to help withe these key blanks? I'm pretty sure they're for the yale k452 profiles 25-36 pre cut. I've never stocked these. Can anyone advise what numbers I would need to order for these 3 key ways? Thanks