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  1. Thanks everyone who has replied. Im placing an order with L&G. Is there anything else needed for this job? I notice the 4 fixings around the screw. Do i need a specific type to re-do these when attaching the new heel block??
  2. Cheers count. You're with the remedial student here. What paint would you use to get that flawless gloss finish like the original heels?
  3. Thanks for the reply. So i take it this would be the correct ones? https://www.leatherandgrindery.com/stiletto-heel-blocks-130-2792?search=stiletto heel &description=true How would you get that black gloss finish on them?
  4. Hello, Cards on the table. I've never done one of these before as i was never shown; however i have made a resolution to try and get any job done if the customer is willing to pay for my time. I've had a talk with Charles Birch and they done seem to have anything that would fit. I have questions about the entire process, but they will be irrelevant for now if i cant get the right parts. So my questions at the moment are: 1 - Are these available anywhere in that finish and length that would be compatible with this shoe? 2 - If so, would i need to replace the good (oth
  5. I'm pretty sure i cut a load of these a while back on a HF75, from tip to shoulder. Worked ok
  6. I have made a decision to price way more aggressively for shoe repairs especially... No more, 3 or 4 quid for a stitch or two... No more, i got these in the charity shop can you help me repair them cheap? Top prices, quoted before they are taken in. Get rid of the time wasters and the cheap
  7. Many thanks. Couldn't get the probe on the futura to read the first cuts, and couldn't get it clamped manually. Will try that. Thanks Graham
  8. Thanks for the suggestions. JMA YU-1D looks to be the correct profile however the Mercedes key is a lot thicker. I've left the shop for the day but looking on sks, I think the Silca CI4 is a different profile? https://www.sks.co.uk/jma-mercedes-vehicle-key-blank-3676
  9. Hi, Anyone recommend a blank for this? Customer not quite sure what it opens in / on the vehicle, but they want it regardless. It's not the ignition key. Thanks
  10. I'm 99 percent sure i saw these during the week.. They were fitted newly on a commercial property on 4 doors. The guy just wanted key caps to differentiate the keys but I measured it up out of curiosity and WJ1r was about .75cm shorter. Looked exactly the same profile though.
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