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  1. I dont know how the seller is making a penny on this? This is a heavy unit. Postage must cost 20 quid at least.
  2. These machines are rough around the edges and will need tweaking, but for 80 quid... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/143428607655
  3. I think the ones you generate on VVDI key tool will only program in with the VVDI commander. I tried to generate one and program with Londsor but it failed to precode. Aftermarket one was grand.
  4. Without seeing the other side, im not sure. Not in the shop atm to compare. Is it one of the Master blacks? Silca MS3r?
  5. Thanks for the advice all. It is stitching good. It takes a bit to get used to as you have to stitch the sole without looking at the channel. I'm getting the hang of it slowly.
  6. I have tried this. I find i cant control the channelling and it keeps jumping ahead despite my best efforts.
  7. Simple as that! Thanks for the advice.
  8. Hi guys, With business more likely to be slower over the next 12 months I thought I would try and hone my outsole stitching. I wasnt trained on these and have been talking customers into rubber soles or turning them away. Got my 100 year old junker doing a good stitch but the channel looks messy. Is a new cutter needed? Is there any way to clean that up without tarnishing the surrounding leather? What is the process after you channel? How to make it look tidy? Thanks
  9. Probably not quite as bespoke as you need but i ordered one of these at the start of the week. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Shop-Sneeze-Guard-Checkout-Screen-Counter-Cough-Protection-Perspex-Virus-Shield/264692750458?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 I paid 42 quid and the price has gone up to £60 in a matter of days.
  10. So sorry to hear about your loss.
  11. Get well soon to you and the wife.
  12. Im aware of that. That's why i started my explanation with "in my mind..." In my mind, it's the right thing to do at this time, however insignificant its effects may be.
  13. Do you have a key reference or a link? Cheers
  14. In my mind I'm doing my bit to help the NHS, who need all the extra money they can get.
  15. I've been asked to cut this key by a local NHS consultant... it's for an on call room. As multiple doctors will be using the room they need 8 keys. Obviously this will be done FOC if I can do it. Does anyone know the blank? Cheers
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