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  1. There's always your old Mod role waiting for you if want to come back and chastise yourself
  2. i emailed sales@batonlockuk.com if you only need a couple, i can post some.
  3. Think that's the one. I ordered these in over 3 years ago. Did my first one yesterday.
  4. Anyone recognise this key for a push button door lock? Thanks
  5. I was trained in a heel bar so this isnt something I was taught. If i was proficient and skilled at doing a job like this, i would be wanting well paid. Looking through the prices some American cobbles would charge for a job like this, you are talking well over $100. Seems a lot of work for a skilled job for £30 - £50. Cut 3 Yale superiors in 15 minutes for the same profit. But anyway i'm going off in a different direction. The guy in the video does make it look quite easy: Embed Video
  6. Yes, On Count's advice I stopped faffing about drying to decode these on the machine and just fired through them on a manual machine then do the dimples on the futura. More reliable and far faster. While the futura decoded them fine, a small amount of them were not inserting fully into the lock. The manual snake cut remedied this. 2131 looks spot on.
  7. Maybe lp8r would work also... I think identifying this may only be half the battle. Trying to find them, the other half.
  8. Anyone got any ideas about a blank for this key? Thanks
  9. Don't worry. It does this when reading the uncopied t80+ silca chips. As long as everything is up to date, it will work on a customers chipped key.
  10. that was on my radar but looks quite a bit thicker
  11. Can anyone offer a suggestion for this one? It's for a fire escape apparently. Thanks
  12. Here's a solution for someone needing these keys.. jma RO41... thin down the side with the jma logo and from the tip bring the shoulder on the bottom of the key back a couple of mil. Then use the bottom shoulder as a stop in the machine, cut. Make sure the few mill behind the top and bottom shoulder are the same height as original (and tapered)key or they fill not fully go into lock.
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