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  1. abababa

    Allgood security keys

    Unless it's fried and in a sandwich with a bit of tomato sauce, it's gonna be removed. Cheers
  2. abababa

    A new one on me.

    You should have up-sold them a pair of earplugs
  3. abababa


    I would try a TL6 or an AB17r (both silca refs)
  4. abababa

    Jma HOND-5I or Silca HON3R

    I have the reverse profile.. The only suppliers that i can see that have it are https://www.davenport-burgess.com/products/HD12-HONDA-MOTORCYCLE-BLANKS/P128226 I think that's the one?
  5. she hasn't came back yet... but I want to pay regardless so pm me or email me the price. Cheers
  6. Hi Technical Tony / Davenport, Ive been looking at your previous posts. You seem to be a member of Davenports? Your last posts on here were on October 2018 and your reply above is so generic, its unreal. If you want to provide people with technical support (as your username would suggest) may i suggest you frequent more regularly and actually try to help people rather than snowball generic replies, once in a blue moon.... to old threads; subtly pushing your products. I know they wont as they want to create an unbiased platform, but if i was the owner of this forum, i would ban you in a second for blatant advertising with no genuine intent to assist. Just my two cents...
  7. Hi, I ordered tw1 in for this key and the customer is saying it's going into the lock and not turning. Kw1 looks pretty close if not 100 percent. The machine is calibrated so I don't see what could be the issue. thanks. I see fastkeys have it listed so might try there if no luck.
  8. that's the cruise ship, "all you can drink" chardonnay talking
  9. Coming from Northern Ireland, can i ask who? Is he selling his business (and / or knowledge) ? Can he provide ongoing support or is he looking to have a clean break?
  10. Thanks for the reply. What card number is this? I can only see the (+) cards 3826 which relate to the dimple cuts and not the laser cut
  11. abababa

    Vauxhall key

    this any help? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/UN1-VAUXHALL-Key-Blank-1970-1975-Cavalier-Chevette-Carlton-Viva-Victor-/263721796800
  12. Cheers. Doesn't look too different from the futura. Be interesting to try it
  13. abababa

    17th century chapel key

    If you did the side cuts and middle cut on the mortice machine, could you not clamp the key in a laser machine and do most of the rest? May wreck a cheap chinese cutter.. Never done it but just a thought...
  14. I ordered in the BH4 but in the meantime cut TL2 and it did the job. Thanks all
  15. abababa

    futura tracers breaking

    Can't add much other than i've not broke a tracer in 2 years on the Pro. Is yours a pro or standard futura? Did you update software recently?