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  1. Never used it but theres a video of 4C. Looks straightforward
  2. Hi, can anyone assist with these? I cut an HF75 for the Siso one in lieu of a Silca ED2 which i did not have. Never seen the hafele one before. Anyone any ideas? Thanks
  3. I have no experience of this key but this looks it here: https://www.castlehardware.com/catalog/703/product/21251/keyblankcylinderere4erae4_230.586 From eye, you may be able to get away with. https://www.sks.co.uk/jma-dominion-cylinder-key-blank Double check with someone else before ordering as it's just a guess
  4. Not all UL1 types are equal. Are you using HD? If that doesnt work use the KL slim key UN5D SLM
  5. Hi, Does anyone know if these blanks are available? There appears to be a little indent on the cut towars the head of the key. Does this need to be done manually? Thanks
  6. Cheers. I think there has to be at least one 4 tho. i thought 411212. but that was a no go. Now im thinking the 2's are 3's and maybe the 1's are 2's
  7. Heres the top part. Just click that onto another bottom shell and change the chip over? https://3dgroupuk.com/product/view/VGB24c
  8. I ordered these in recently for some postboxes and yours looks similar. Jma eub2
  9. This is now under offer. Just to be transparent, ive just looked at the upgrade receipt. It cost 264 Euro (not pounds as previously stated) So about £228
  10. I deleted this as i am a hoarder and want to keep everything. It's back for sale. Hurry before i decide i want to horde again.
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