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  1. abababa

    U Rail or not?

    In lieu of any other replies, i'm taking this as gospel Thanks for the advice.
  2. I've been asked to source this part. Ive found it on Aldridge. https://www.aldridgesecurity.co.uk/gu-0056-gu-bks-1314-35-92-narrow-style-mortice-sashlock.html This may well seem like a dumb question but should I order the first version or u rail? Havnt a clue what u rail is? Anyone able to help? Thanks
  3. abababa

    Key ID

    Had this key in myself. How did this go with the CB-23R? I only saw aldridge with these and i was already doing an order with SKS so i ordered https://www.sks.co.uk/jma-corbin-cylinder-key-blank-2557 which looks pretty much the same as CB-23R. Customer said it was really stiff going into the lock and wouldnt turn. Did you get feedback on the CB-23R you cut?
  4. abababa

    SKS Powercut?

    I processed an order yesterday with SKS at around 11am and it arrived today.
  5. Hi The original key is lost on this but they have a pic, as attached. The first cut doesn't look right when I cut to code. The first cut looks like a number 2 but futura is bringing up number 1. I'll probably just cut both to save any hassle . Anyone any advice on this one? Thanks
  6. abababa

    Industrial keys

    Thanks for all the replies and advice. Ordering some now.
  7. Hi, I don't get too many keys like this here but I've been given a load I'm unsure of. I've took two pics of each key 1st key -forklift I think. On SKS I've found KUB1. Is this the right key? 2nd key - golf cart. I've cut a hon31. Any other suggestions? 3rd. I don't have a clue 4th .. ya4r may work if theres a lot of give. Any suggestions? Thanks for any help in advance
  8. The glue on the heel is sloppy. But the build-up looks very neat to me. How would you make it less visible?
  9. or https://3dgroupuk.com/product/view/VGRC10 (once you're logged in)
  10. abababa

    Key id please

    Got one here... let's see what fits this version... Results ... ya1e doesnt fit in the lock. Ul1 works perfect. Its a 6 pin key. The keys do look different to a ya1e at first glance. They look and feel cheap.
  11. abababa

    ultion blanks

    Are these new ones definitely patented? I see they use the word "trademarked". not patented. Same thing? "The trademarked WXM key profile makes it harder for counterfeit keys to jam the lock."
  12. Hi, is anyone able to supply the cuts for this. The futura isn't listing anything. HD LF40 fits. Pretty sure it's this key. https://www.replacementkeys.co.uk/ab-series-keys.html Thanks
  13. abababa

    Key id please

    HD keys fit better in these cylinders. I went on the rampage one day testing on numerous cylinders and universal keys and they are definitely smoother going in. So HD UL1 should do or use the slim keyline universal versions UN5S
  14. abababa

    Key ID

    One of the GL's should work. GL7. Might have to shorten it. It looks thicker but should work.
  15. abababa

    Hafele drawer key

    Both YH3 and SZ4 worked. Just in case anyone comes across this one in the future, I filed them slightly thinner before i gave them to the customer to try.