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  1. These HU162 blades are snapping like turtles. Seeing a lot of them coming in for repair. I believe Autowave have the blades that are compatible with aftermarket cases if you want to switch from a HU66
  2. Send an email with your details to admin@whatsthedamage.net (its live) Your potential listing page is written by us about your company and is a genuine review including your services and what you specialise in. We do not accept paid listings etc. It's been my hobby during lockdown and its a change from the other directories who just host the site to sell you advertising. Maybe somewhere down the line i will stick some google adds on it to cover running costs. We will review your site/ social media etc. If there is anything that makes you think you stand out from others, please tell
  3. Email is being set up. There's so much to do, it slipped my mind. Ask away here if you want. I made it for all the members here to try and help with price guides. I have to admit, I didn't do the reviews personally so don't be angry if you're not currently listed.
  4. There's enough going on with the throating and the shaft without adding the foreskin into the mix...
  5. @Lee is your man. Trade repairs at a great price.
  6. That's a great gesture. In the right circumstances you could get a couple of grand for these machines. Fair play to you.
  7. I dont suppose theres any solution for this yet? I had these ones in today. Is this the key in question?
  8. Many thanks... should i stay away from 1 phase? The link you send says hes only willing to do collection only.
  9. Thanks for the advice - What about this one for a blake? Is this still serviceable? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/193776315213?ul_noapp=true
  10. Can anyone ID this? All I know us it's an outside stitcher in working order. Can parts be bought readily? Would this be a decent buy on the face of it... any fair price range? Thanks for the advice.
  11. The flexcore patent expired in 2017...to be replaced with the flexcore plus with the tapered shoulder. If i had the blanks, I wouldn't see the difference in copying them than I would an LWFU2 on an original evva. I believe there are 6 slightly different blanks? I have found a key that fits all 6 profiles and is tall enough to work on 75% of keys (its a silca blank but i am unhappy with the strength of it) A stronger bypass could be made i think to cover all of them . I see these a lot in my part of the world. If any of the oldschool, trusted members on here wanted to invest in ge
  12. Ignore the photo of a key on the futura .. Its photobombed what i was showing. (the correct cards to use) As mentioned above use a z12a patented key. Unless you are saying that a z12a tip is different?
  13. If you're wanting to do the snake on the futura, you'll also need a 05L cutter.
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