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    I'm actually in Vauxhall overland train station. started as a watch repair shop, diversified into keys then a bit of cobbling.

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  1. It's my 53rd birthday today. I tried to do a one arm push and failed. I tried to drink beer and succeeded. Know your limits. Mike.
  2. My twin sister was on play away 45 years ago, does that make me famous enough? Mike (nearly on play away) Allen.
  3. Depends upon who you order from. I order coined keys from Davenport, but also sks as I found I wanted coined tx-3d. That is the key you need at present. U5D is top and U6d is good. I still find a demand for 1a/ya-79d. No demand for the union. I'm also ordering coined al-2. That's fairly popular. Davenport don't offer tx-3d, ya-79d or al-2 coined.
  4. I would describe my primary business as watch repairs. Key cutting are just a (very lucrative) sideline. I would see myself as specialist retailer. Going to check on my rates bill what they think I am.
  5. Worrying to hear. I decided to close. Basically my business is 40% keys, 50% watch repairs. Keys (I think) are essential, ( but never actually seen printed on any government paperwork). As for the hardware clause, I've never considered my shop a hardware shop, nowhere is that indicated that I am in my lease, or from council paperwork. Watch repairs aren't. Trade would probably be down by at least 90%. I'll be well annoyed if i don't get the grant. Mike.
  6. I think that it is ironic that America, the land that gave us "Sesame street", that helped a generation on both sides of the pond learn how to count, it taking soooooo long to counts some bits of paper. I think they need Count Muppet.
  7. Was the customer a horse? Did you use the classic line, "Why the long face?" I'm sorry, I'll get my coat. Mike.
  8. I got 20 views of my last Google post. I was overjoyed. Mike.
  9. I always wear a mask on the shop floor, do I need to wear a mask when I'm behind my counter screen?
  10. I've been operating my independent business from inside a Timpson's pod. They haven't noticed yet. Sssshhh!!!! Don't tell anyone! Mike.
  11. I blame that BBC programme," The Repair Shop." Had a customer asking about spectacle glasses, wasn't very enthusiastic, but said. " Bring them in I'll have a look!" He goes, " Great, they are antique gold frames from the 18th century!" In case, just don't bring them in.
  12. Opened mid June, piss poor figures, but starting to improve. Mike
  13. So true. Big shortage earlier on, now you can't go 20 foot without seeing a free dispenser of sanitiser. In my small station there are at least 6/8, and there'll be more when the other shops open. Mike.
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