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    I'm actually in Vauxhall overland train station. started as a watch repair shop, diversified into keys then a bit of cobbling.

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  1. cowers lane 583

    Era 335B, but much taller bit.

    Had an era style head, I think stamped "Wickes". 695 seems worth a punt, if the customer comes back , especially seen as I probably, have it in stock, somewhere.
  2. Has anyone come across this. Just had a customer, everything about the key was 335b pro-fit era. But the bit on my blanks( both JMA and Birch) were too short. Cut it on a universal on the end. See if that works.
  3. cowers lane 583

    Best Supplier for Laces

    Thought I'd try some sovereign, black laces on a black background and virtually completely black packaging. Does not work for me, back to Dasco.
  4. cowers lane 583

    Need help for a old watch

    Stopped doing mechanical watches about 5 years ago, too much grief, one of my better decisions.
  5. My whole business life seems to be a constant cycle of feast and famine.
  6. cowers lane 583


    Always just used UL1/U5-D
  7. cowers lane 583

    Titan key

    I think the moderators will move it.
  8. cowers lane 583

    Titan key

    You could try the "magic " Silca PH9, cb 6916, works on a lot of these type of older locks. Other references are Lwfu2 HD, LC-3D SKS. Is this in the wrong section? Mike.
  9. cowers lane 583

    Long term pain in arse customer advise.

    Looking at Lee's post, going to not rock the boat. Leave the situation as it is.
  10. cowers lane 583

    "One-off key", unknown brand

    Bit alarming when they put, "one off key" actually on it .
  11. When running a shop, it's important to keep concise, and professional, notes, in order to avoid any unnecessary reordering mistakes.
  12. So I've got a situation that has gone on for far too long. I've been serving this customer for the best part of 18 years. He's still essentially paying 2000 prices, although I recently managed to increase the prices a little. A £20 watch he is buying for £7, up from £5. A ridiculous situation I know. Completely my fault for letting it go on. I am very certain there is an underlying mental health problem, that's him not me. He sometimes buys a watch a week, never returns them, and doesn't care what it looks like. I am certain he is not reselling. Last week he came in for a high security padlock for a shop, I said they really start at least £30, and suggested some places as that is not really my range. He bought an economy padlock for £2.50, in the end. He asked for exactly the same thing yesterday, this time I just said no.
  13. My average transaction time is 20/30 seconds, on paper not long, but feels very long when customers want/expect to tap and go. Is anyone quicker, I believe it might be down to my phone line.
  14. cowers lane 583

    Shoplifting notice.

    Probably end up getting a human rights lawyer forcing me to change it to "compassion",
  15. cowers lane 583

    Shoplifting notice.

    It's a word I've used once in fifty years. I've no plans to use it again, seems to cause too much fuss.