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    I'm actually in Vauxhall overland train station. started as a watch repair shop, diversified into keys then a bit of cobbling.

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  1. Hopefully he is just pining for the fjords.
  2. I always use a jma chubb blank. Never had any luck with the genuine ones, but the chubby work well. Mike.
  3. Got a customer after keys for her Iveco van. She's in the Woking area, any one in that neck if the woods interested? Mike.
  4. Thanks for the input,especially canoncan and Graham. tagged Far2r onto my next birch order. Mike.
  5. Have checked the books and my stock. Closest matches found are jma jng1 &re1, silca ieh1 & ed4. Unless anyone has come across these before. Mike.
  6. Eapollowholesale. Then I can tag a box or two whenever I order anything else from them. Use to use eurooptic, and sunoptic but just don't need that kind of volume, plus I stopped selling sunglasses. If I do run short I'll top up with ones from poundland, but I worry about the ethics of that. Ironically Poundland would be the cheapest, easiest and convenient solution.
  7. You're right. Reading glasses are an easy sale, highly profitable, take up hardly any space, and I can easily beat whsmith on price.
  8. Not much call for anything under 16mm. I would just start with a couple of 18 and 20 mm until you can fathom your market. Both expandable and non expandable. I don't even carry gold plated, only stainless steel. A watch bracelet often lasts the life of the watch, straps will always far outsell bracelets. I get my bracelets exclusively from Cousinsuk. The price/quality is ( I think) best.
  9. Never had any luck with lbs stock. Cousins are my main supplier, their straps have got really good, with quite a few lines by condor. You would have to get display from condor or lbs if you went with them. It's always worth carrying both a "basic" and "deluxe" range. My deluxe range far outsell my basic range. Mike.
  10. With the women, if their tits are handing out the bottom of their jumper, they're probably eligible.
  11. The problem I've always had with these discounts, is potentially an O.a.p getting jobs done for the younger members of the family, because they get a discount.
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