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    I'm actually in Vauxhall overland train station. started as a watch repair shop, diversified into keys then a bit of cobbling.

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  1. Government advise is council will contact businesses, no need to chase up. Bit worried/confused. Council should have the money next week, I'll see what the situation is next Friday. Mike.
  2. Peter Coulson. Thank you for your updates. Mike.
  3. My last key delivery arrived on Monday evening, I had already closed. Really timed that bloody well. What to do with them? 1- surprise a child with the "new style" Lego blocks 2- see if Peanut likes the "new recipe" Guinea pig food. 3- as a useful social distancing measure. 4- Face mask.
  4. Taken £23, dropping to 3 hours tomorrow. Really should just close, have implemented several anti virus measures. Like I said, I should just close, but finding it hard to just let go.
  5. Sorry to hear that, to cdtl, Michael et al. Keep your peckers up, lads.
  6. Thanks for the quick response.
  7. No stock and can't get hold of any at the mo. Do you think a 329 is close enough? Mike.
  8. More and more are closing everyday. Big drop in people out and about, which is a good thing. I think lockdown is just around the corner, until then it's ( not quite) business as normal.
  9. already crossed my mind, a fb post from 14th. Mike.
  10. Feel like the whole world is on my shoulders, feel a bit helpless, so many worries, then voice in my head is screaming.. " AND YOU'RE GOING TO RUN OUT OF RABBIT FOOD BEFORE THE LOCKDOWN!!"
  11. Has this just been raised from 3k to 10k ?
  12. What a coincidence, fairly certain my business is going to be affected by exactly £3000.
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