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    I'm actually in Vauxhall overland train station. started as a watch repair shop, diversified into keys then a bit of cobbling.

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  1. cowers lane 583

    Lusterful chinese cabinet keys

    Including this on this thread, just to make future reference for members a bit easier. Anyone come across this variation. Ruled out all previous suggestions, apart from ED2 ( JMA EVE4) which looks ok. By checking my post box reserve have come across, JMA codes, all look good. Will check against customers key tomorrow. HAF-2,HUW-1,JNG-3,BMB-2 Unless anyone has come across this before and has any other blank suggestions.
  2. cowers lane 583

    hi all

    Welcome to the forum. Mike.
  3. cowers lane 583

    Jury Service

    Unfortunately they'll just get community service anyway
  4. cowers lane 583

    W Secretary mortice ky Id please

    605/1 sks ( and I think HD) code.
  5. cowers lane 583

    Hegel cylinder lock

    I would of appeased the customers with some tuffies, or maybe given him a croggy on your bike to another cobblers.
  6. cowers lane 583

    Hegel cylinder lock

    If I recollect correctly, that would make the customer a "mard-arse."
  7. cowers lane 583

    New product range.

    Couldn't agree more, must be a good product, but Got to get the packaging right.
  8. cowers lane 583

    New product range.

    Thanks will look into that. I will sell a small range of the accessories with the month. But really it's another classic case of me giving way too thought and research to a range that not even come close to generating more than .5% of my weekly turnover, but every little helps.
  9. cowers lane 583

    New product range.

    Not really a problem, I'm in a commuter station. Customers want the item immediately, and they don't mind paying a pound or two more for it either. As for Mr mobile. Just tried to reg, kept asking for my state/province even though they are UK based. Tried london/England/UK/Greater London, rejected, now just annoyed with the website.
  10. cowers lane 583

    New product range.

    Definitely not looking at phone repairs, seems like a nightmare, and I knew cases just change too quickly to be viable. I'm just looking at getting some cables, adaptors, memory cards and power banks.
  11. cowers lane 583

    New product range.

    A few months ago, inspired by a thread, I started keeping a book of every item a customer wanted, but I didn't stock. Some of them were just ridiculous, some were quite easy to tag on to an order( eg ferrules, unusual colours of laces). One range of items repeatedly cropped up. Mobile phone accessories. Previously I'd not been interested, my only supplier being a good cash and carry, but I don't think reliable for electronics. So I'm trying these people. https://www.core-retail.com Anyone else tried a similar range ?
  12. cowers lane 583

    loop king laces

    Just sold my second pair, as I thought ,not really my customer's cup of tea.
  13. cowers lane 583

    Quiet today

    At least being self employed, I don't have an area manager screaming at me, "Mike, fax me (it was a while ago) an action plan within the hour, and don't rehash a bloody old one!" Ps, he didn't say bloody. I would rehash an old one. Sometimes its quiet, some times it's busy. Hopefully it more than evens out towards busy. As a side note, I may not really do structured action plans as such any more, but I'm always looking at ways to improve my shop .
  14. cowers lane 583

    Not a watch movement but clock movement

    I bought my last one from https://www.cscrafts.co.uk
  15. I've only got one, sks is showing stock, order this morning, they'll post today.