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    I'm actually in Vauxhall overland train station. started as a watch repair shop, diversified into keys then a bit of cobbling.

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  1. I've been operating my independent business from inside a Timpson's pod. They haven't noticed yet. Sssshhh!!!! Don't tell anyone! Mike.
  2. I blame that BBC programme," The Repair Shop." Had a customer asking about spectacle crackles, wasn't very enthusiastic, but said. " Bring them in I'll have a look!" He goes, " Great, they are antique gold frames from the 18th century!" In case, just don't bring them in.
  3. Opened mid June, piss poor figures, but starting to improve. Mike
  4. So true. Big shortage earlier on, now you can't go 20 foot without seeing a free dispenser of sanitiser. In my small station there are at least 6/8, and there'll be more when the other shops open. Mike.
  5. A " customer" thought I was a hotel, and tried to book a room.....he was very, very... drunk. I'm inbetween two coffee shops, but get asked " do you sell coffee?". Mike.
  6. Flask abandoned, going back to a kettle. Your statement of "Yuck" was bloody spot on.
  7. I feel I don't push this service enough. Will try harder, but really need more customers full stop.
  8. Personally, I think that will be a good purchase if you are doing a relatively low number of reseal, maybe a couple a week. If you are doing a lot then you might want a "dry" ( expensive) type. Mike.
  9. Wish I had thought of it earlier. Stupidly, I have been bringing in a bottle of water, to fill a kettle and a flask of milk. Now I just bring in a flask of tea. Got rid of the kettle and the water. When space is a premium, it all helps. Mike.
  10. I'm a big fan of Birch. Great website, with a good range. Always been helpful over the phone. Mike.
  11. I don't know what Birch want me to do with this. I mean, I'll try and work it into my budget, or maybe we can come to some terms? Mike.
  12. Looks good. Good use of your limited space. Mike.
  13. Does that mean, a few years down the line, customers may have clones, but think they have originals, but these can't be copied. That's a potential time bomb of minor complaints. That's enough to put me off. Mike.
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