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    I'm actually in Vauxhall overland train station. started as a watch repair shop, diversified into keys then a bit of cobbling.

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  1. I've got a yale superior to cut, but I can't get my jaws to tilt. I've unlocked the jaw handles but the dial just won't move. Any ideas? Mike.
  2. I've basically been closed for the past 3 months. When I open planning on having a bit of a sale to clear some lines. Can I still do was/now, it would have been on display, but before lockdown, at the presale price? Mike Allen.
  3. What I do love about these new card providers - zettle, sum up and square- is no contract, not being tied to bloody worldpay in an 18 month contract. I use both zettle and sum up. Also paperless, no shitty receipts to keep, therefore no bloody PCCI complaince. My shop is probably 80% card now, been a couple of days where it was 100%. Mike.
  4. No minimum. Saves any hassle or explanations to customers. They're not interested in your agreements and liabilities. I was in a shop behind a customer as the owner explained why the customer couldn't pay by card. It struck me as a bit unprofessional, so dropped minimum immediately. If a customer wants to pay card something under £1. (My supplier's minimum) I would either give it to the customer, or charge them £1 on a card, and give them change in cash. That said nearly everything in my shop is at least £3, with the exception of key tags. Anything I was selling for £2.50 i will be selling fo
  5. Possibly look at wholesale suppliers of souvenirs?
  6. A bracelet, probably a fiver, nearly always as an add on sale. I would remove from the head. Would not ultra clean a strap.
  7. There is no way they will be able to check all, or even half, the grants given.
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