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    I'm actually in Vauxhall overland train station. started as a watch repair shop, diversified into keys then a bit of cobbling.

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  1. I'd always found jma only charge postage of a couple of pounds, if they stick under 20 keys in the post. Mike Allen
  2. I think you have to remove the stem, then you can remove the plastic cover. There should be a hole in the plastic cover to press and remove the stem. I say I think it's been a good few years. Mike.
  3. If it's a cheap thinner rip off of the kwikset, HD also do XGC001. Era a bit thinner.
  4. Does this mean there could be a supply issue with the kiwi instant wax shine range? Mike.
  5. Apologise and buy her some flowers, at some point itll be your fault.
  6. Cyclone. I know it's basic, but it's a good Good machine. All other cylinders seem to work a treat.
  7. Frustrating. I generally cut on genuine, but also carry jma, silca and hd blanks. I cut the same blank as what ever the customer presents me with. Still have returns. But getting better. No other cylinder blank gives me so much grief. Mike.
  8. For these pain in the arse, Chinese, cheap letterbox style keys. I keep all these keys in stock. So far it has covered all eventualities, where you can't positively id the key. You can always ( so far) find a good enough match. I charge a premium for them, and keep notes of any successes or failures. Most codes are jma. Mike.
  9. I think the last time this was on the forum, Grahamparker referred to it as "rare as rocking horse shit." That's what I've got written in my notes. Mike.
  10. Don't worry about paying. The expense is negligible. A friend also went out of business and gave me a lot of excess stock, but what is the name of your business again? Mike
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