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    I'm actually in Vauxhall overland train station. started as a watch repair shop, diversified into keys then a bit of cobbling.

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  1. Pimlico. I've always thought politics and social media are a bad mix , and I should just point out the first bloke wasn't pro-tory, more anti-Corbyn. I'm sure It'll all blow over. We are men after all. And we've got the big Christmas knees up next week.
  2. Our walking football WhatsAp group got a bit heated. Lots of anti Tory comments. One pro Tory posted the diane Abbott shoe photo ( which I believe is photo shopped). volley of abuse. Then he got thrown off. I posted, "I'll be voting Tory, but I don't think he should of posted that photo and comment" ( he called Abbott a retard.) I start getting abuse. I thought we were all friends, and I respect other peoples views. Also ,typical hard left, it was actually only a core of about 3/4 people. As usual the Tory voters just kept a low profile. 26 on the group, all middle aged professional people, surely at least 10 of them were conservative, or at least anti Corbyn.
  3. I was surprised too, I thought they were on the edge of going belly up with an outdated approach to retail.
  4. Whsmith are opening next door to me, in a unit that had been empty for about 8 years. Couldn't ask for a more beneficial neighbour. Only crossovers are umbrellas and reading glasses. I'll just stop selling reading glasses, no biggie. They do a nice core range of maybe 4/6 umbrellas, I will beat them on price and quality on these 6 lines, but also offer a more extensive range in a more prominent part of the shop .
  5. Anyone come across this. I've identified some maybe, but if there's a definite out there, that'll be excellent. Mike.
  6. Sorry you've had a problem, and this close to Christmas too. That's why I charge a little bit more for the fashion brands, like diesel, fossil, skagen against the "proper" watch brands like seiko, rotary, accurist. They are just more likely to throw you a curved ball. Here's a skagen that fell apart when I put the back on few months ago. Ended up costing me about £60. ( it's been stripped for parts). At least the customer still ended up happy. Mike.
  7. You could also remove these little "peaks" I'm pointing at on the white spacer. Mike.
  8. Don't have a window, put out the same nativity scene, tree and father Christmas as I have done for the past dozen or so years, on the 1st of December. It'll be put away on the 12th night. No product on the display. Christmas to me is all about tradition, but people should do whatever they see fit, good luck to them. Mike. God knows why it rotated.
  9. ⁷This is the top of an acrylic watch box, the black bottom part is missing. I use them extensively to display umbrellas. The shop I bought them from has changed the style completely. Any ideas?
  10. Sorry, just commented on previous thread, hopefully by doing this, this will get priority on the forum, Mike.
  11. I like to get my facts from several sources, then cross check and research them. Like the Brexit bus, a quick check, yes it's misleading. But as remainers say, " No, it's not £350 million a week, it's only £200 million!" Only. Bloody hell. I'm badgering my two university students daughters to vote, even though they will definitely vote the exact opposite to me. The sad truth is, at least one of them just won't bother.
  12. 7t32 movement was discontinued quite a while back. You might be able to buy an entire old watch off Ebay, for parts.
  13. Meeting and showing public support to Jerry Adams during the 70's, is not the same as the prime minister meeting with Jerry Adams, after 1999, after the decommissioning of weapons, and agreed peace. It is not the same as the government and the IRA having behind the doors meetings, during the 70's and 80's, to bring an end to conflict. The man is a disgrace.
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