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    I'm actually in Vauxhall overland train station. started as a watch repair shop, diversified into keys then a bit of cobbling.

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  1. Quite peel able. Got some none specific, keep your distance stickers to replace.
  2. I always feel you're on a different level, certainly from me, and I'm sure a lot on the forum. You must do really well on recommendations from the other key cutters, because of the range of keys you can do.
  3. Due to shitty red tape and a fair amount of bullshit. I can't open technically until I get a trading certificate from my landlords SW Railway. They have confirmed all my paperwork was correct and in order on Monday 15th. So I thought , bollocks to it, and opened on wed 17th. apparently my certificate is due imminently. The downside of being on a train station. The upside is the massive customer flow. See picture. Mike.
  4. From Davenport, but I bet sks also have it. Mike.
  5. The movies were great, but about 50% of Monty python the sketches were funny, the rest was rubbish. Just like Elvis and William Shakespeare.
  6. Got a local furniture restorer requiring a key for this Victorian lock. I've order a good selection from HD, but would love any suggestions. Mike.
  7. Would never personally introduce anything like it, but thought, commercially, a good idea. They must rely on customers losing the guarantee paperwork though. That could just lead to poor customer goodwill. Mike
  8. Welcome to the forum. Mike. ( not Polish)
  9. This is what I got from him. Standard wooden door. Seems happy to lose mortice lock.
  10. I'm not a locksmith, but maybe one of you can help me. Got a friend's mum, she lives in rural Warwickshire (Shipton on the Stour). She keeps dead locking her front door. Her carers can't get in, and may stop visiting, she will have to go in a home. He needs a lock she cannot deadlock from the inside. If there is a local locksmith that could help, or some advise on which lock to fit, this would be appreciated. Apparently it is classed a very low crime rate area. Mike.
  11. Hopefully Peter's post about gloves should shut my wife going on about them.
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