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  1. Hotters aren't exactly the cheapest of cheap there around £50-75 like wise I'd replace a unit for cost of around £35 I get what your all saying but there asking for advice
  2. anyone got a pair of brown victory soles 10/11 i could buy please just 1 pair thanks in advance
  3. i used it in larger areas my customer was thrilled i got color back to original...
  4. i have used Omni on leather and it worked a treat... even removed red wine only reason i used it on leather was asked colledge rep for some recommendation on removing stain on some soft leather shoes customer used shoe stretch spray and it marked leather on outside having used the omni on the pale pink shoes and it took the mark out so altho i doesn't specifically say for leather its always worth a bash
  5. well they are repairable even with the brass teeth and the brown edges timberland are normally a nice easy zip to do as stitching is quiet thick so easy to remove and replace jobs a gooden i'm sure there are many users on this forum who could all do this job with there eyes closed... maybe try another repairs? i'm located in Gloucester so i'm bit of a distance from yourself unless you posted them thanks Dean
  6. Have you tried using the Saphir Omnidaim its ver good for removing stains out of leather/tex/suede i'd recommend that myself.
  7. personally i'd replace like for like and even to the point of using the original runner on the new zip! and that back seam could be rectified when replacing the zip as you would need to stitch from inside imho. ooo sorry i can see now original puller broken still repairable
  8. lol beat me to it with pics
  9. i believe it could be these ones however i would have to say although metal zips aren't as hard-wearing as nylon zippers they do suit the style boot and aesthetically would look better replaced like for like even the plastic chunky toothed zips arent that great
  10. what about using saphir omni iv used on leather before it does come up really well then polish using saphir cream or maybe using the Saphir Renovatrice Renovating Cream to cover the black mark its a really good product just go carfeful not to get on suede. this is the bumf of colledges website Saphir Renovatrice Renovating Cream Tube 25ml Concentrate of colour pigments. To cover scuffs, scratches, cigarette burns and to revive the colour of all smooth leathers : shoes, clothes, leather goods and furniture. Remarks : - complementary to shoe polish but no replacement. - no colour discharge. - perfect for partial renovation, not intended for regular care. - It is possible to mix the 40 colours together. Test result on a piece of paper and let dry, because the shade will get slightly darker. - can be eliminated with our RENOMAT
  11. hi iv tried to reset my password via website i get email saying click this link i input email address and check validation code they match input password twice and it keeeps looping same message iv double checked both passwords are correct any help please. The following errorswere detected:Failed to update your password. Please check the email address and validation key are correct and verify the new password matches.
  12. Deanzke

    Easter weekend

    off til 9th April
  13. Deanzke


    No I was after a pair of there heel blocks Size 1 "Royal"
  14. Does anyone have an account with casali?