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  1. have also got an electric watch pressure tester it works on air pressure not water they cost around a grand plus vat looking for 300
  2. hI I have a floor standing last 90 quid with feet no picture at moment but its your norman standing last collection from either Rugby or Banbury Its black in colour witha bit of green on base I also have a Orion Smarty clylinder machine fully working and orion rigel cylinder key machine all fully working 200 each on key machine also a watch pressure tester 100 quid
  3. i have elma 400 quid electric dry pressure tester for sale also manual water pressure tester 150 and a patcher for sale 250 donation to forum if they sell photo for patcher to follow weekend
  4. this style used but working 150 inc postage to you ta
  5. Hi i have some items for sale weekend a watch pressure tester, a patcher a floor standing last if anybodys interested please message me ta
  6. marky1


    hesgot 4 opened alreday
  7. hi i have a fully working victor for 500 if any good to you ta
  8. had same conversation in my shop today 50quid for newzip icharged 25,00 Published 2 hours ago Timpsons: or just set fire to your money.Timpsons is an utter rip off. Dundee city centre branch, £45 for one new zip on a Dr Martens boot, and it'd need to be sent away. Inside the Keillor Centre, round by the Travel Dundee exit, is a little shoe repairs and key cutters owned by Rab and his brother. Rab charged £20 for new zips on both boots, had it done in an hour and sent me a text to let me know they were ready. The zips are 10x better than the useless ones that the boots came with! Sod Timpsons, shop local.
  9. marky1

    mister minit

    minit is bigger company than timpsons