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  1. I'm trying to contact Charles Birch about some delivery charges which I believe have been wrongly applied. I've tried the accounts email, David Macdonald, a couple of office staff... absolutely no replies. Is this just my bad luck or normal practice??
  2. keysinthecity

    "WBH" Filler Cap Key

    hmm....thanks for the replies - unfortunately it's neither of those. I'll try to get more info from the customer.
  3. Any ideas? Key says "Made in England". It's a double cut, solid in cross section in the very centre if that makes sense.
  4. Any ideas? Marked '45'. Similar to JMA LF11/Silca LF57 Thanks
  5. keysinthecity

    Fitting back in watch

    Just trying to work out what you mean - do you mean that if you see the battery in the watch has a reference like 'AG4' then you know the customer is a cheapskate? Because 'AG4' is a reference used on cheaper batteries so the customer has previously taken it to market stalls or similar?
  6. keysinthecity

    Yale Titan sashlock?

    Takes this key
  7. Anyone have any pictures of a Yale Titan sashlock? I can see pics of the blank but don't know what the lock looked like. Just for interest, not urgent.
  8. keysinthecity

    Restricted key system

    Just out of interest - what was the need for you both to be on totally separate sections? Just curious. Were you trying to give your customers a secure product or just trying to retain key cutting business ? etc
  9. Just had this Skagen watch in - no visible way to remove the case back. Any ideas? There was a definite seam in the watch but it was very high up the case, so it looked more like a design feature than a way into the movement. Such a nice, flawless watch with a high gloss black finish I didn't want to begin knifing it without knowing for sure it was going to go well!