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  1. Hi We use Cousins for padded etc and Watch tools screwdrivers etc but use Condor 525 cheap range all sizes (Not in catalogue but ask your rep) but great for a 4.99/5.99 sale. If stuck for one odd size will use Birch also LBS great for specialist straps.
  2. Brill Graham ..have messaged you thank you very much.
  3. Glenway don't do them its its a big shield. Its 50 mm x 45 mm approx. Thanks
  4. Hi sorry to nag again .... does anyone make these, don't think Trend Glenway etc do, so not quite sure where to get them done. Many thanks
  5. Hi Does anyone do these or where could we get one done if need be? Cheers
  6. K4mrc thatll be fab if no joy we'll have a look at the ebay guy. Thanks
  7. We are interested in buying a sandblasting cabinet and compressor. We are looking for the newer type less dust etc if possible. Cheers.
  8. This one is a 3 in 1 but just need something a bit sharper...... will have to have a look through reviews to see whats best. Do you use yours for printing centres though? Jacey
  9. Hi Just wondering if anyone could recommend a good inkjet printer, we are looking to update ours its an Epson Stylus, which as in all fairness been a good printer but we need to have one that prints sharper and better colour especially for club centres etc. Cheers Jacey
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