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  1. Hi Does anyone know other than the OEM expensive cutters where I can source some 1.5mm cutters to use with jaw F on my Bianchi 994 machine? I've been using Tilgear for my 2.5mm cutters but their 1.5mm cutter are about 5mm shorter so aren't long enough to lockin place. Thanks Craig
  2. Hi Can anyone give me the give code from the attached photo please? Thanks
  3. Hi does anyone use keydiy? i've been using the B07 type for quite a while now & the ones i've been getting the logo recess has been flat inside so the normal 14mm concave VW etc logos don't fit. So i've been using gel coated logos which are much better anyway. I've just received another batch of 75x B07 remotes but the logo recess is now 14mm & domed, which means my flat gel logos don't fit. I've spoken to UAP, Advanced Keys & NW keys but they don't have any of the type i need & i didn't see the B07 remotes on 3D's website. So does anyone know of anywhere else i may be able to get the B07 that have a flat logo recess. Or if anyone themselves has them & would swap for the ones i have that use 14mm concave logo? Cheers Craig
  4. He got it sorted. Ended up using Herne Bay locks. I gave him a few numbers to pick from around that area that i found on Google Thanks for the replies
  5. Hi is there anyone in Kent able to supply & code a transponder to a 2004 8P A3? Guy has lost 1 of his keys but the remote he has left(KD200 type) doesn't have a transponder in it. The kd200 key is coded to the doors & blade is cut. He's in Whitstable, Kent Cheers Craig
  6. No. I was always led to believe they had to be coded using the barcode
  7. which system do they need to be coded through Dan as i'm sure i've tried all the different option in the MVP menu & just watched my tokens vanish. Also i don't have any issues with the EWS which is why i just asked about the remote part in my original post
  8. My MVP Pro doesn't do it which i believe is same software as AD100 Pro. After you've entered the remote position & barcode then the instructions for turning ignition off, on & off then pressing remote buttons comes up on the screen but vanishes within a second. I've spoken to Hickleys several times about it & they say it won't program copy remotes. Will only program genuine remotes from dealers
  9. Hi Does anyone know of any equipment that will program the remote part of these keys with barcode? Tried a few times with my MVP & remotes bought from 3d but just doesn't work & still takes a token Craig
  10. Ah yeh never thought of that. Cheers guys!
  11. Hi been to do a lost key job on a 2003 Ford Ka today. Car was locked, put my tibbe pick & decoder in the drivers door with the locking pin still in place, turned it to unlock & it actually unlocked straight away without even trying to pick & decode the lock which i presumed would making decoding it a problem. So i decided to remove the door lock. I also noticed the door card was loose on the end closest the lock & when the card was removed the plastic cover that's bonded over the door was cut open near the lock. I expected to find that that door lock had previously been tampered with to make it so it unlocked with any tibbe but it hadn't. It was exactly has it should be. The little locking bar was still in place. So I just took the lock apart to read the tumblers. Anyone else come across this before? Craig
  12. isn't the Exeo based on an A4 though? Uses RB8 clocks etc. A4 uses an 8E0 remote which afaik still isn't covered by KD
  13. actionman

    eeprom tools

    my AVDI V25 is yet to fail on doing spare keys for mk6 Golf & I've done quite a few since getting AVDI Last year. Also done quite a few other VAG from 2009 onwards such at Transporter T5.1, mk5 Ibiza, facelift mk2 Leon, facelift mk2 Octavia & they've all been spot on with spare keys. Usually done them quicker than the customer could bring me a brew out! It's the lost key thing i really need to sort out. I've now got an NEC cluster bench rig & picked up some NEC clocks today. I now just need to decide what i'm going to do about which eeprom equipment to go for. My heads still spinning with the options in that department
  14. actionman

    eeprom tools

    Ok thanks for the replies. Someone has pm'd me & kindly offered for me to pop round & have a look at the equipment he uses. He's got a NEC cluster so can show me through the process
  15. Hi i've been using Abrites AVDI for the majority of my VAG keys which is 99% just spare keys. Rarely seem to do lost key jobs. Anyway i've had a few phone up lately with NEC & Micronas clusters such as mk6 Golf & facelift 8p A3. I've had to turn them away as i haven't got any eeprom tools to read the clusters when there's no working key. I've emailed a couple of companies but they just seem to be trying to push me to buy all sorts of other kit. Some haven't even replied & i emailed them several days ago. Basically i've looked at Xprog-m, Tango, Orange 5 & Codex. Can anyone give me any advice on which would be the best all round tool to use with my AVDI for doing lost keys on NEC & Micronas clusters? thanks Craig