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  1. Down to 3k, no offers. Based near Heathrow. Thanks
  2. Selling my Miracle A6 Comes with: HU66 adapter 2 probes 2 cutters Got all the normal clamps Power adapter etc Looking for 3.5k Call or pm if interested 07824640861 Thanks
  3. Looking for orange too... Pm me please. Thanks
  4. Not sure on age, as we bought it 2nd hand. There is a silver plate with standard stamped on it. Don't think any model no (need to check). Thanks
  5. Sorry no is 07824640861 As for description, I don't know technical terms. Its not 3 phase. Stiletto trimmer on left With sole trimmer 2 scouring bands 5 brushes in total (2 hard, 3 soft) Can send pics if you send email or mobile no. Thanks
  6. Hi everyone, Got a finisher for sale. Not sure what they're worth. Offers please Pick up from UB4 Donation will be made. 077824640861 Thanks
  7. That's a big list. I agree you can never have too much security. Looked at trackit website will give them a call tomorrow. Thx for contact.
  8. Hi all, Am interested to find out what security auto lockies have to protect their vans? Obviously dead locks... But tracker? Alarm? Which one? Can anyone recommend models? Thanks in advance
  9. Will defo go for orange. Lock doctor seem to be the cheapest. Thanks for the advice
  10. Hi all, Which EEPROM reader do you use? Can't decide between codex lite or orange 5? Thanks in advance
  11. Do any of these machines cut LDV or Black cab keys?
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