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  1. I don’t know, the motor I bought was different to yours. Best ask RS I took my motor to one of their branches & they advised me.
  2. RADIO SPARES (sorry about the link) Crouzet Synchronous AC Geared Motor, Reversible, 230 → 240 V ac, 1 rpm, 3.5 W RS Stock No. 204-4800 Mfr. Part No. 82524016 Brand Crouzet Frequently bought together Crouzet Synchronous AC Geared Motor, Reversible, 230 → 240 V ac, 1 rpm, 3.5 W £49.68 + Apem Orange Indicator, Faston, Solder Lug Termination, 220 V ac, 12mm Mounting Hole Size £2.99 Total (2 items) £52.67 Technical Reference Legislation and Compliance RoHS Certificate of Compliance Statement of conformity COO (Country of Origin): FR Product Details Reversible Synchronous AC Geared Motor Series 82 524 The range of Crouzet 3.5W synchronous AC motors rotates in either an anti-clockwise or clockwise direction which is controlled by a capacitor. The synchronous motors maintain their speed of rotation until an overload occurs. When this happens the motor loses synchronisation meaning that it stops and develops an oscillation (vibration). Suitable for use with a comprehensive range of applications where AC motors are used, such as Water treatment, medical equipment, access control and lifts. Note These motors should be used with phasing capacitor. Specifications Attribute Value Output Speed 1 rpm Supply Voltage 230 → 240 V ac AC Motor Type Synchronous Power Rating 3.5 W Rotation Reversible Maximum Output Torque 0.5 Nm Shaft Diameter 4mm Length 45.5mm Width 56mm Depth 65.7mm Dimensions 45.5 x 56 x 65.7 mm Shaft Length 10mm 19 in stock for FREE next working day delivery 46 available from Europe for delivery within 1 working day(s). Price Each £49.68 (exc. VAT) £59.62 (inc. VAT) Units Per unit 1 + £49.68 Units
  3. Have asked Marino & as always he sent an honest reply. “The replacement springs kit is ridiculously expensive: 285£ In many cases I repair it just cutting a bit of roll spring and reconnect It. But it’s a bit tricky and danger due to the springs power.”
  4. I have a IS200TX, the 2 spring steel strips on the 'vice lifting jack' (don't know technical name) have become damaged - 1 splitting 1broken. Any ideas of how to replace them? Thanks Phil
  5. Thanks for your replies, blue tac ( other brands/colours are available ) worked a treat, still 'bleeps' but tonned down & not as annoying. Thanks Again Phil
  6. Thanks for all your replies, does anyone know what the buzzer/bleeper looks like & where to find it? Had a quick look but nothing obvious. Phil
  7. I agree, wanted to keep it but toned down alittle if possible
  8. Hi all, I run an IS200 and the 'beep' when the job has been received is rearly getting in by nerves. Is there any way of reducing the volume or pitch. Cheers Phil
  9. For odd sized bases I normally get one turned & black laquered at local joiners.
  10. Have a look at www.jewellery-world.co.uk. Large selection of engravable jewellery, baby & adult bracelets, cufflinks, watches, keyrings, gift boxes & bags, display stands, magnetic bracelets etc. No account needed, fast delivery. Phil
  11. Thanks for the link & advice about windows 10. Phil
  12. All working now. Cleaned disc with surgical spirit & cotton bud to remove finger prints etc. Phil
  13. I am trying to reload the disc onto laptop, disc installs OK but then 'stalls' at the same place every time. Have tried several times but always stops at same place. Disc looks OK with no scratches. Any ideas, need up & running ASAP (as always!). Phil
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