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  1. Hi, just wonder if anyone has had to purchase a 24V adapter power unit for the Gravograph M20. Just looking for the best price to purchase one. Appreciate it if you could let me know. Thanks. Charlie.
  2. Going on all the time this, why from the Shetlands, I think they hope it is far enough away that you would not consider collecting and would just send the money, who do they think we are.
  3. Hi, Just go into auto mode, you can then move your text about to get it in the correct position. Run the laser pointer to check before engraving. If I can be of any more help, PM me. Regards Charlie.
  4. Hi, Does anyone run Gravostyle software on a Mac. I appreciate that Gravograph software is not compatible with a Mac computer, but I can install the appropriate version of Windows on the mac also and then install the Gravo software to the Windows op system. If anyone has done this I would appreciate your feedback. Many thanks. Chas
  5. Than you very much Andy, sorry about the late reply. Regards. Charlie.
  6. Hi, I have the M20 machine with Gravostyle 5 software. I am changing my computer to an Apple Mac. Do you know of any issues at all running the software on the Mac. Many thanks.
  7. Hi, would anyone have the Fender guitar logo please....just the F on its own Many thanks.
  8. Hi, does anyone know of a engaving machine that uses the laser positioning pointer other than the Gravograph machines M20 etc. Not sure if this may be exclusive to Gravo.. Thanks.
  9. Hi all, looking for a used but in good order gravograph M20. nothing bigger than this model as the m20 is right for the job. If selling one. please let me know. Thanks. Charlie.
  10. Hi, I wonder if you can you help. I am looking for the Liverpool FC club logo in esp format. Any help appreciated. Chas
  11. Hi rlj, I know what you are saying, but the file is just one set of guitars and not individual ones, so unable do delete, would have to use the set.
  12. Hi Mate, thank you for that, problem is it is just the one file in downloads and it has a few guitars on it, I am just looking for a single one. Thanks again.
  13. Hi, I'm looking for a guitar logo, any help would be appreciated. Many thanks. Chas.
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