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  1. Things will return. Light at the end of the tunnel stay positive
  2. Are you guys that are open busy? Ticking over? Or doing nothing?
  3. Have 10 pints & a curry & stand near. It will soon spin
  4. Trigger had the same broom all his working life
  5. My insurance will run out in 2 weeks What insurance company's are providing covid cover?
  6. Best thing I did was get shut of the landline. Customers ring the moblie & Suppliers. Any other dreamers get blocked loads of time saved
  7. Hi Guys Is there a 6pin version of the HD 1AK Hendrick?
  8. Called to place a order today & had the sad news mastergrave will cease trading after today. If you want to grab a bargain give them a call
  9. Hi Guys I hope your all ok & returned or going to return. I'm going to start making leather belts. For those that do. where do you get your bends/skins from? & where did you get your plough gauge? I've looked at Barnsleys & Abbey so far. Regards Craig
  10. I will be on the phone to the council first thing. But I suspect it's 15th June but rules can be broken can't they Dom??
  11. I found exactly the same with my son's football club years ago. I was willing to do the orders at cost to help the club. So I pulled him out of the club to a new one & he enjoyed playing for them & he & we made some great friends
  12. I've spoken to an insurance assessor with 35 years experience to look at my policy. & to appoint & act on my behalf we had good chat about this situation. In his opinion if your not covered on your policy in time compensation will probably be given. He mentioned one chap who has 3 night clubs in London his insurance has said no your not covered. He has given them until weds next week then he will sue the insurance company. This is just the tip of the iceberg the government he says will be leaning on these insurance company's so fingers crossed!
  13. I was told the other day my grant money would take up 2 weeks & I would be contacted to verify so I've been expecting a phone call or email. Checked me bank this morning & it's been paid. Probably didn't need to be verified as the council have a trade account with me so already have my bank details. So wait for June now for self employed entitlement. Good luck guys & stay safe we can do this & remember your customers you've had for years won't be able to go elsewhere because your closed
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