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  1. Keydoctor

    L 4 U

    Do you mean L4V ? http://www.locks4vans.co.uk With ID they can supply a cut key and they have several distributors around the country.
  2. Keydoctor

    KD200 BMW 433mhz issues!

    Good news Craig, glad you got it going.
  3. Keydoctor

    KD200 BMW 433mhz issues!

    What software version does it show in the bottom of the screen? It needs to be or if you have 200 tokens showing it you will be running or lower. If thats the case, click the online update version on top left of screen.
  4. Keydoctor

    KD200 BMW 433mhz issues!

    I'm running latest software, and it is 100 tokens for the Audi 8P. Download is available from www.keydiyuk.com Compared to the other options available, Dealer (£115+vat) or AKK218 (£70+vat) but currently out of stock, I see this addition a much needed bonus. Already tried & tested this one also, did a 2012 Audi TT.
  5. Keydoctor

    KD200 BMW 433mhz issues!

    Hi Yes I suffered the same issue with the BMW remotes early doors. My comments were only general, in that in the ideal world you would use simulate. I'm probable the worlds worst at that though, don't know how many times i've bent my keys when the instructions say use a 'Flat Blade screwdriver'
  6. Keydoctor

    KD200 BMW 433mhz issues!

    You should always use simulate first to check the remote works correctly, the reason this is on the KeyDiy units is to prevent token loss. On the KD900 you can also use device simulate, no need to use a remote at all with that function.
  7. Keydoctor

    KD200 BMW 433mhz issues!

    I've done several without issue. Make sure your firmware is up to date also.
  8. Keydoctor

    Jma remote cloner

    As far as I'm aware, this function is about to be added to KeyDiy and will allow cloning of all Garage door and similar remotes. Also an option of having the Car remote and garage remote all in one.
  9. Can you post Reg or Vin number?
  10. Keydoctor

    ASSA Locks & key blanks

    Thanks Steven Mine was unchecked, I've checked it on the reply to this post. Thanks again
  11. Keydoctor

    ASSA Locks & key blanks

    I did reply to Mario's pm, but for some reason its not sent. As for this topic, I thought I would receive an email notification like you do on the AD Forum when someone replies, but I've not had any? Is this something that is set up in settings or are notifications not sent from this forum? Lockandkey thanks for the offer to match the lock but Mario has some I can use to directly replace. Thanks all
  12. Keydoctor

    ASSA Locks & key blanks

    Nice one thanks. I'll try and get the other cylinder. Cheers
  13. This is exactly as it works. Unfortunately they don't 'sell' or 'advertise' it the way it actually works. You can only have the original or the RK60 working at anyone time, not both together. Hope that helps
  14. Hi Can anyone supply keys cut to code to this lock? Also can any one supply these locks new? Thanks