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  1. Hi all. Have been looking at a Defu 998c dimple machine anyone got one, if so what do they think of it,and is it accurate? Or has any one any comments on any of the other Defu machines they are made in China. Thank you John
  2. onegrasmere

    Dimple keys

    Thank you for your replies
  3. Hi are dimple keys getting more popular. Would you advertise that you now cut them. Tank you.
  4. onegrasmere

    Brass copy

    Size wanted lower case 11.75mm wide x17.35mm high from top of figure to top of copy is 10mm. Cap lock is 16.71mm wide x25mm high the top to bottom is = the font is standard block. The figure used was number 7. Measured with a vernier so accuracy maybe a bit over the top !!
  5. onegrasmere

    Brass copy

    Wanted Brass copy for use on pantograph.
  6. onegrasmere


    Hi. It is the green one. Sorry it took so long to reply Thank you John
  7. onegrasmere


    That was quick. Hi Ian and Dennis. Had given up on the manual, just logged on and found your replies I have sent you both a P.M. Sorry it took so long to get back to you.(must be my age) Thank you John
  8. onegrasmere


    Hi has anybody got a manual for a Kantograph y 6? Thank you John